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August 24, 2010

Internship: Cold War History Research Center

The internship program can be found at coldwar.hu, and is hosted by the Cold War History Research Center in Budapest, Hungary. The Center seeks individuals interested in doing humanities or social science research, and welcomes applications from anyone with a background in any of these areas, either theoretical or applied. Possible tasks include information gathering, proofreading, translating, web-editing, and navigation of archival and internet databases. Interns are welcome at any time of the year, though most come during the summer months. Interns who work at the Center come from many parts of the world, and past interns have truly enjoyed working in this international environment.

The internship is unpaid. Interns are responsible for finding local housing, though the Center is willing to assist in this search.

I would be delighted to serve as a reference to anyone who may want more information. My email is dcat@umich.edu

All other applications and inquiries must be submitted to the director of the Center, Dr. Csaba Bekes: bek11339@helka.iif.hu

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