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March 25, 2011

Bard College's Fall Study Abroad in Central Asia at AUCA, Bishkek

Deadline: rolling

Bard College's Institute for International Liberal Education (http://iile.bard.edu) is pleased to announce openings in the first cohort for its newest academic program! We seek intellectually adventurous students who will have the opportunity to study via direct enrollment//at the *American University of Central Asia *(www.auca.kg) in *Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan *beginning *fall 2011*. All American students will be enrolled in a core Central Asian Studies program at AUCA's Central Asian Studies institute, and they will receive dual credit through both Bard College and AUCA. A variety of courses of study, taught in English, are available for American students to choose from, including:

* History
* International Politics
* Globalization
* Environmental and Urban Studies
* Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies
* Art History
* Literature
* Human Rights
* Cultural Studies
* Software Engineering

Courses taught in Russian are also available, as are both Russian and Kyrgyz language instruction. American students have the option to work as tutors of English speaking and writing, and they will also have the chance to pursue internships in Bishkek. An extensive cultural program will be offered alongside students' studies that will feature such destinations as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Lake Issyk Kul, and more.

Bard College will provide special and generous scholarships for its first cohort of students in fall 2011. Interested students should contact mkendall@bard.edu or call 845-758-7110 for more information. Admission is rolling and competitive.

Contact information:
Matt Kendall, International Programs Coordinator
Institute for International Liberal Education
Bard College
P.O. Box 5000
Annandale-On-Hudson, NY 12504
Tel: (845) 758-7110
Fax: (845) 758-7040

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Sectoral Consultant (Short-Term/Summer), Kabul, Afghanistan

Rural Livelihoods Consultant (Short-Term/Summer)

The purpose of this project is to strengthen rural development capacity in the Afghan provinces of Jawjzan, Faryab, and Nangarhar. The intervention aims to improve and build upon existing livelihoods chains, and to develop new livelihoods options, for approximately 100 communities through the implementation of a series of dynamic, sustainable, and contextually-relevant projects. These sub-projects will address a number of sectors, including (among others) agricultural cultivation, non-agricultural livelihoods development, and access to credit opportunities. The project measures will be designed to support local governance structures, and, in doing so, will encourage sustainability and long-term applicability. Through the consultants' knowledge of development economics and their primary, Kabul-based research, the results of the consultancies (advertised below) will serve to inform and educate project staff about livelihoods options in the provinces. The consultants will undertake research for the purposes of increasing livelihoods, engendering food security, and further developing income generating activities.

1. General

* Undertake a thorough sectoral analysis in one project area, either Nangarhar or Jawzjan/Faryab, focusing on each of the following three sectors:
- Agricultural livelihoods,
- alternative livelihoods, and
- supplemental income opportunities.

* Identify the existing and potential value-chains in the target location for each livelihoods sector;

* Develop a report that recommends value-chain projects to be implemented over the course of the intervention, with an emphasis on feasibility, sustainability, and local relevance;

* Provide recommendations about the greatest needs 'on the ground' in the target location, and prioritize their relevance to the project vis-à-vis Welthungerhilfe's organizational criteria for this project (i.e. security, geography, clustering feasibility;

* Produce analysis on the feasibility and long-term sustainability of the recommended projects;

* Provide impact assessment forecasting to give project management insight into the potential effects of the recommended projects for a given community and/or livelihoods sector.

2. Specific

a) Sectoral Analysis: Research & Deliverables

* In all areas/modes of research, make sufficient use of development economics principles and theories, while maintaining sensitivity to the unique local context;

* Possess the skills needed to perform advanced, primarily agriculture-based, livelihoods analysis;

* Work closely with the Welthungerhilfe survey specialist when necessary to design survey tools and instruments;

* Analyze the viability of particular livelihoods options within the context of the target location;

* Produce a report for the project management team that includes the following information (with corresponding evidentiary data):
- What type(s) of assistance is needed in the target location?
- How can we best intervene? ie. provide tangible project recommendations and value chain options.
- What support mechanisms are most needed to engender sustainable livelihoods options in the target location?
- Draw out the value-chains for each of the recommended projects.

TO APPLY: For the full Terms of Reference, including remuneration information, contact Meagan_Froemming@post.harvard.edu. To apply, send your CV and a relevant writing sample to the same email address.

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March 18, 2011

Russian Language Spring/ Summer Courses In Russia

The Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” invites students from your University to take a spring or summer Russian language course in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

Would you be so kind as to deliver information about our courses offered in 2011 (see the attached file) among your students, partners, friends, colleagues, and anybody who would like to visit Russia?

We all know the best way to learn a foreign language is visiting the country where it is spoken. In creating “Enjoy Russian” we focused on the principle that learning should be both effective and enjoyable. Along with Russian language classes we offer home-stays with Russian families and cultural activities with Russian participants. We have had positive experiences hosting groups from Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, the USA, and Belgium.

Moreover in 2011 we have new prices for our Russian courses. For your students we have a special offer:
Individual course:
- 40 hours / 400 euro (standard price 440 euro)
- 80 hours / 800 euro (standard price 880 euro)
Intensive Russian in a mini-group, 2-3 people:
- 40 hours / 230 euro (standard price 260 euro)
- 80 hours / 460 euro (standard price 520 euro)
Standard Russian course, up to 10 people
- 40 hours / 160 euro (standard price 180 euro)
- 80 hours / 300 euro (standard price 360 euro)

The cost of accommodation:
Homestay with breakfast 4 weeks/ 200 euro
Homestay with breakfast and evening meals 4 weeks/ 350 euro

Enjoy Russian with our Russian Language school
e-mail info@enjoyrussian.com
tel/fax +7 8142 78 11 30
Studencheskiy pereulok 13-a, office 119
Petrozavodsk, 185007

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"The NEP Era: Soviet Russia, 1921-1928"

The annual journal "The NEP Era: Soviet Russia, 1921-1928" seeks submissions of manuscripts on Soviet history and culture during the 1920s. The journal publishes articles in English or Russian. All article submissions are subject to peer review.

Please send three anonymous copies of an article along with an electronic version in MS Word, Word Perfect, or PDF (which may be submitted separately by e-mail) to:
Dr. Alexis Pogorelskin, Department of History, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 1121 University Drive, Duluth, MN 55812-2496,
and email to: apogorel@d.umn.edu.

Manuscripts should be in a standard font with one inch margins. The text (including block quotes and endnotes) should be double-spaced. The maximum length for an article is thirty-five double-spaced pages (including endnotes), or nine thousand words. If, however, subject, sources, or treatment warrant greater length, the journal will negotiate an appropriate extension. Authors should adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition) and the Library of Congress transliteration system.

Please include your name, institutional affiliation, and current contact information. We will acknowledge all submissions and endeavor to make our decision concerning publication as soon as we are able, allowing for the reports of at least two reviewers.

Submissions to The NEP Era should not have been previously published. First publication of submissions should occur in this journal.

For more information about the journal, see its web site at
or its Facebook page at

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Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program


Program Description
Up to 600 fellowships are granted annually to postdoctoral scholars interested in conducting their own research projects in Germany. Scholarships are awarded for 6-24 months.

Eligibility Requirements
Must hold a PhD or equivalent degree. A good command of the German language is required for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Decisions are made exclusively on the basis of academic achievement. No citizenship requirements.

Monthly stipend of 2,250 EUR. Additional support is available for travel, accompanying spouses, health insurance, and language courses.

Open Deadline

For More Information
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Selection Department
Jean-Paul-Str. 12
53173 Bonn
(+49) 0228-833-0

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SWSEEL Alumni Association

The new SWSEEL Alumni Association invites all former Indiana University summer language workshop participants to join. Highlights of the Association's planned activities include an annual newsletter with information about our current activities and alumni work and accomplishments, summer reunions in Bloomington during the workshop, mini-reunions at language and area-studies conferences, bringing alumni to campus as guest speakers during the workshop, and acting as a resource for alumni.

We welcome you to join by emailing us at sumalum@indiana.edu

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Kylie Poulin
Alumni Association Coordinator, Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages (SWSEEL)
Indiana University Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

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List of U.S. summer Russian programs

The Committee on College and Pre-College Russian list of summer stateside programs is now available with information about course offerings at 16 colleges and universities across the country at: http://www1.american.edu/research/CCPCR/Summer%20programs.htm

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