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March 22, 2012

Announcement: Upcoming deadlines!!

Graduate conference “United We Stand? The EU, its current challenges and the way forward” calls for papers. Deadline: April 15

Postdoctoral fellowships available at Research College at Freie Universitat Berlin. Deadline: April 15

Book Project CFP: ‘The EU: A Global Power in the Making’ looks for contributions to this edited volume to be published as part of Springer’s “Global Power Shift” series. Deadline: May 15

19th Century Gender Studies special issue: “Gender and the Law in Nineteenth-Century England.” E-mail submissions to kgilbert@drury.edu and JChavez@stmartin.edu.
Deadline: May 15

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March 06, 2012

Course: Part time Online Masters programs from a top German University

MA in Eastern European Studies online: http://www.ees-online.org/MA in International Relations online: http://www.ir-online.org/index.html
The university is accepting applications for both English language online graduate programs - Master of International Relations and Master of Eastern European Studies - through April 30. Both programs are entirely in English. FU Berlin is consistently ranked as one the three top universities in Germany and in the top 25 in the world. Four Nobel Laureates have served on the faculty of the university.

Do you know anyone that is interested in a part-time, online graduate program from a top German university? I am an alumnus of the Freie Universitat Berlin online graduate program (class of 2009) and am sending this letter to generate more interest for these programs in the United States.
I completed my MA in Eastern European Studies in 2009. It was a great program with excellent Berlin professors and guest lecturers (Stanford, London School of Economics and Cambridge) and the one-week residencies are designed to give you the maximum exposure to Berlin. I met with government ministers in the Reichstag, attended receptions at embassies in Berlin and was a guest at private museum tours. Berlin is surprisingly cheap for a European city and the airfare is lower cost from the U.S. than to many other EU destinations. The school assists with accommodations, I stayed in very nice, low cost university housing near the school (former U.S. Officers Club). You are also viewed as any other student – I ate my meals in the Mensa (student cafeteria) and our student ID was good for discounts throughout the city. For Cold War history fans, the school is located in the former American Sector and near the school you can see houses, clubs and offices of major German and American figures from 1937-89. The reason it is called “Free University” is that in 1947 as the Communists took over the schools in the Soviet sector of Berlin, faculty fled to the American Sector to start a university with academic freedoms – thus the name. The school was also prominent during the Cold War, Kennedy made one of his Berlin speeches here and is one of the 12 citizens (the highest honor) of the university. Two of the major buildings are named after Americans – Henry Ford and Ben Franklin.
While this program is delivered online, there are four required five-day residencies. The workload for the program is substantial - this is a program of an elite German university – so students should be prepared. I was able to finish in two years while working fulltime; however, there is also a four year part-time option. Of my class of 18, only three were from the United States, so this is a true international program. I would like to see more United States participation, which is why I am sending this letter.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this letter, I am just an alumnus of the program who is volunteering time for outreach in the United States – I have no official capacity and my goal for this letter is to inform those who are interested, or may know of someone that could be interested, in this program.I will be happy to answer any questions about my personal experiences at the school, but for detailed questions I suggest you contact the representatives on the websites listed above.
Denver Mullican
United States 504.957.3926
France (33) 970 469 616
Netherlands (31) 0 634 030 238
6AM to 11 PM CST
Box 10798
New Orleans, LA 70181 USA

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