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July 27, 2012

CFP: 20th International Conference of Europeanists

20th International Conference of Europeanists
June 25-27, 2013 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Proposals may be submitted between August 15 and October 8, 2012.

Starting on August 15, the Council welcomes the submission of paper and panel proposals for the 20th International Conference of Europeanists. Centered around the idea of crisis as the confluence of highly dynamic creative and destructive processes, the 2013 Conference hopes to engage with a variety of topics and themes, including globalization, heightened nationalisms, continued migration, shifting cultures, rising inequality, security concerns, climate change, sustainable development, etc.

The Council encourages proposals from the widest range of disciplines, particularly panels that combine disciplines, nationalities, and generations.

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July 12, 2012

CFP: Politics Conference in Athens, Greece

Athens Institute for Education and Research-ATINER (www.atiner.gr)
Call for Papers and Participation
11th Annual International Conference on Politics & International Affairs, 17-20 June 2013, Athens, Greece

The Politics & International Affairs Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) will hold its 11th Annual International Conference on Politics & International Affairs, 17-20 June 2013, Athens, Greece. For further details (including previous programs), please go to the conference website: www.atiner.gr/politics.htm. The registration fee is €300 (euro), covering access to all sessions, two lunches, coffee breaks and conference material. Special arrangements will be made with a local luxury hotel for a limited number of rooms at a special conference rate. In addition, a number of special events will be organized: A Greek night of entertainment with dinner, a special one-day cruise in the Greek islands, an archaeological tour of Athens and a one-day visit to Delphi.

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics, researchers, students and professionals in private and public organizations and governments of Politics and International Affairs and other related disciplines. You may participate as panel organizer, presenter of one paper, chair a session or observer.

If you think that you can contribute, please submit a 300-word abstract by 19 November 2012, by email, atiner@atiner.gr to: Dr. Ioannis Stivachtis, Head, Politics & International Affairs Research Unit, ATINER and Director, International Studies Program Virginia Tech - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA. Please include: Title of Paper, Full Name (s), Current Position, Institutional Affiliation, an email address and at least 3 keywords that best describe the subject of your submission. Please use the abstract submitting form available at http://www.atiner.gr/2013/FORM-POL.doc.

Announcement of the decision is made within 4 weeks after submission, which includes information on registration deadlines and paper submission requirements. If you want to participate without presenting a paper, i.e. organize a mini conference or a panel (session), chair a session, evaluate papers to be included in the conference proceedings or books, contribute to the editing of a book, or any other contribution, please send an email to Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos (gtp@atiner.gr), President, ATINER.

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) was established in 1995 as an independent academic association with the mission to become a forum, where academics and researchers - from all over the world - could meet in Athens and exchange ideas on their research and discuss the future developments of their discipline. Since 1995, ATINER has organized about 200 international conferences and events. It has also published about 150 books. Academically, the Institute consists of four research divisions and twenty research units. Each research unit organizes at least an annual conference and undertakes various small and large research projects. Academics and researchers are more than welcome to become members and contribute to ATINER's objectives. Members can undertake a number of academic activities.

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