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December 16, 2013


We have moved the CES announcement blog to a new site at
http://umichcesannouncements.blogspot.com/. Please check there for the latest postings about Europe- and EU-focused calls for papers, job and funding postings, events, and other news.

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December 05, 2013

Funding Oppoortunity: Traineeships at the European Commission

Deadline: January 31, 2014



European Parliament (Europarl or EP)

European Union (EU) - European Commission (EC) - Commission of the European Community (CEC)

Applications are being accepted for a paid traineeship of 5 months with the European Commission (or some executive bodies and agencies of the European Institutions like, for instance, the European External Action Service or Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation).

Trainees work all over the European Commission. The content of the job largely depends on the service they are assigned to. They may work in the field of competition law, human resources, environmental policy, etc. Their daily work will mainly consist of:
- attending and organising meetings, working groups, forums, public hearings,
- researching and compiling documentation, reports, consultations; answering queries,
- running projects.

What does the traineeship offer?
- EU knowledge - insight into the processes and policies of the European Institutions,
- practical experience - an opportunity to play a part in the Commission's day-to-day business,
- opportunity to put academic theory into practice.


The traineeship programme is open to university graduates from all over the world who:
- have a degree of at least 3 years of study (minimum a bachelor),
- have a very good knowledge of English or French or German.
- have a very good knowledge of a second EU official language (required for nationals of EU countries).

- may only apply for one type of traineeship per session;
- may apply again at every new session they wish if their application has not been accepted.

If applicants apply for translation traineeships (in the Translation Directorate General) they must be able to translate into their main language (normally their native language) from 2 other official EU languages (source languages):
- their main language must be one of the official EU languages or Croatian.
- their 1st source language must be English, French or German.
- their 2nd source language can be any of the official EU languages.

People who have previously done more than 6 weeks of in-service training or work (paid or unpaid) for any of the European institutions or bodies are excluded.

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