May 14, 2013

Conference: Fulbright Programs Europe, Germany, German Studies Seminar

Deadline: August 1, 2013

Council for International Exchange of Scholars makes up to 15 awards for awardees to participate in a group program and explores themes of transnational relevance from aa German perspective and within the broader context of
the European Union. Eligible candidates are scholars and professionals
from U.S. universities, colleges and community colleges who hold a
Ph.D., or equivalent professional degree, and perform their teaching
and research within the broader context of German and European
Studies. Candidates must demonstrate substantial professional
accomplishments and recognized professional standing. Candidates with
full-time teaching appointments are preferred but adjunct faculty are
welcome to apply. Please note that dual U.S.-German citizens are not
eligible for the Fulbright program with Germany.If not indicated
otherwise, the seminar will be conducted in English. The seminar is 10
days in length.

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