June 05, 2013

Summer Institute: Institute for Peace and Dialogue

Deadline: June 28

Institute for Peace and Dialogue - IPD International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding & Intercultural Dialogue 1-11 September 2013, Vienna, Austria

IPD is very glad to call interested participants for its first International Summer Academy in Peacebulding & Intercultural Dialogue, which is going to be held in the middle of Europe, Vienna. Its image as one of the most favorable places for travelling, has made it more interesting to offer an exited and comprehensive programme for our participants. We offer you an 11 day training, with a professional education from our excellent experts, who are professionals with many years of experience in peace and conflict studies.

The main goal of the summer academy is to support institutional academic peace education and strenghten peacebuilding skills and intercultural dialogue of international society.

Reconciling the approach to work that people have and the conflict modes that they adapt which may help or hinder relationships at work. This is a challenge for effective people engagement at work.
The work style of people at work is often linked to both their character and their competence and these styles have a direct bearing of whether these individuals handle conflict positively or negatively. A mediator in the workplace needs to have a good understanding of these styles and how best he or she can use the positive elements of these styles to pave the way for a successful outcome of conflict situations at work

Within the international summer academy we plan to include different workshops, lectures, presentations, interactive group works, brainstorming on conflict places, mediation operations and peace negotiation activities as well as case studies on ongoing-fragile conflicts in the world (depends experts availability).
Participants will acquire knowledge and skills from lecturers/experts who are working on peace building, mediation, negotiation, conflict transformation, intercultural dialogue and non-violence and other correspond fields at the research centers, universities, INGOs and state organs.
In the training, both visual/dynamic methods will be used, such as schedules, tests, surveys, direct interviews, distribution of questionnaires and other methods of observation. Every expert will take 3 days for his lecture and workshops. We will send educational materials and daily programs of the summer academy to the selected participants.
Beside the academic-educational side a huge cultural programme every day after the courses is planned. As an opportunity to learn the international atmosphere more better, an international evening will be organised, where a cultural presention with several traditional foods, meals, drinks, fruit/dry fruit, sweets, national songs, souvenirs, traditional dress etc. of different countries is thought.
The International Summer Academy will be held in English.
A broad range of interested Participants can apply for the International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding & Intercultural Dialogue; such as representativse of governmental organs, INGOs, IOs, freelance researchers, diplomats, political parties, independent mediators, PhD students, NGO leaders and peace workers/activists who want to develop their academic knowledge and capacities; who have intention to join missions in conflict regions, who work and live in countries with ongoing tensions and who`s research areas are mediation, negotiation and peace building.

There are no age or country limits for the application. Requested documents (see below) for application has to be sent till the 28th of June 2013 to fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.at
1. Completed application form
2. CV & and passport page (only photo page)
NOTE: When you send your application Please, name the filled documents as “NAME” “SURNAME” “COUNTRY”

Contact Person for sending application documents
Fakhrinur Huseynli
Director of IPD
Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD
Address: Apostelgasse 17/20, Wien, Austria
Tel.: +43 6604947601
E-mail: fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.at

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