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December 08, 2006

H-net.org List and Book Review Editor positions - volunteers needed!

H-Net is searching for two volunteers to become list editor and book review editor for their website:

List Editor

This fall's move to H-Net has brought a lot of new members to Soyuz and raised our profile. At the same time, the list has gone from one to which any member can post, to one that is moderated by a list editor, a function currently being performed by Jennifer Dickinson, our Webmaster. That means that every message posted to the list must be approved, edited if necessary, and forwarded by the editor to the list. The list editor also "manages" the list, adding new subscribers and deleting ones who leave the list, and helping subscribers with the individual settings on their subscriptions.

These duties are not "heavy, but they require a regular commitment, especially since H-Net rules state that list editors can not leave their lists "unattended" (i.e., not check for messages) for more than 5 days. During the first month of the list, Jennifer has been spending a few hours a week working on it, and has, as a result, had little time to work on updating the Soyuz directory or adding new features to our webpage like a fieldwork blog/chat page or a photo gallery of members' field photos.

The new position of H-Net List Editor would be responsible for the moderating of the list and for adding and deleting subscribers. The Webmaster (J. Dickinson) will continue to serve as a second list editor, covering for the list editor if he or she is away, and perhaps sharing certain duties. The List Editor would also need to fill out the H-Net editor application (see www.h-net.org/lists/nominations/editor.php) and commit to a two- day listserv/H-Net training session (about 3 or 4 hours over two days).

Book Review Editor

The Book Review Editor's job is to receive and select books in the field of postsocialist studies to be featured on the web site as the Soyuz Book of the Month, solicit reviews of these books from members, edit the reviews, and publish them on the website, in cooperation with the Webmaster. In addition, H-Net maintains its own guidelines for book reviews, similar to those of an academic journal. The H-Soyuz Review editor will also forward reviews to the broader H-Net community, increasing the readership for Soyuz reviews. The Review Editor also needs to fill out the H- Net Review Editor application form (www.h-net.org/lists/nominations/editor.php) and receive H-Net training.

Again, both of these positions are unpaid and on a volunteer basis.

Posted by idareyou at December 8, 2006 01:59 PM