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May 22, 2008

CfP Journal: Gender Relations in the Private Sphere: Post-Communist Transformations

The journal wishes to foster interdisciplinary and international debate on the findings of fieldwork-based research. (See http://www.cisr.ru/laboratorium.en.html for more detail on the journal, and below for submission guidelines.) One of the first issues of Laboratorium will be devoted to gender relations in the private sphere in post-communist countries. Unlike such topics as the women's movement, political participation and representation, or discrimination on the labor market, the private dimensions of gender remain understudied.

The editors are especially interested in studying the transformation of gender hierarchies in private life under the influence of state demographic and family policies, the changing ideological context and the challenges of globalization; in identifying traditional and novel agents of gender control and practices of resistance to such control; and in tracking changes in forms of family organization. We welcome papers on topics such as caregiving, domestic labor, sexuality and reproductive behavior in a gendered perspective, contraception and abortion, gender aspects of intergenerational relations in the family, new practices of motherhood and fatherhood, the impact of the dialectics of power in the private sphere on gender identities, new types of family relations, and subcultural differences in sexual practices.

Papers should be based on empirical work; purely theoretical texts and essays, even on the topics outlined above, are strongly discouraged.

The deadline for submissions is 17 October 2008. All submitted papers are subject to editorial screening and, if eligible, double-blind peer review. Authors should expect to be asked to revise their first drafts, and plan accordingly. All submissions should be e-mailed, in MS Word or RTF format, to Anastasia Tsygankova, managing editor, at n.tsygankova@mail.ru. Questions about this issue may be addressed to Irina Tartakovskaya I_Tartakovskaya@mail.ru; questions about the journal as a whole may be sent to Anastasia Tsygankova or the editor-in-chief, Mischa Gabowitsch mgabowit@princeton.edu.

For formatting guidelines see: http://www.cisr.ru/rules.en.html

If you are a publisher and wish to send us relevant books for review, please mail them to Anastasia Tsygankova, Center for Independent Social Research, 87 Ligovsky prospekt, office 301, Saint Petersburg 191040, Russia, or contact the editors for mailing addresses in other countries.

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Job: Head of Research and Collections for International and Area Studies, Berkeley

The Head of Research and Collections for International and Area Studies manages a department of 15 librarians and library assistants with responsibility for collections, instruction, reference, and academic outreach. Staff in this department cultivate and sustain collaborations with academic departments, interdisciplinary programs, institutes, and centers (many receiving US Government Title VI funding) focused on regions including Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Near East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Staff also oversee public services and technical services processing for the South/Southeast Asia Library, the Newspapers & Microforms Library, and the Current Periodicals collection.

In partnership with departmental colleagues and the Director of Collections, the Head plans, evaluates and coordinates Doe/Moffitt Libraries’ international and area studies collection development activities (such as cooperative collection agreements, digitization projects, and e-texts) supporting the current and future research needs of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. As a significant component of the position, the incumbent has a leading role in shaping collections across the Doe/Moffitt Libraries such as by working with selectors, programmers, technical services staff, and circulation staff to coordinate the selection of items from the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks, which houses two million circulating and non-circulating volumes in more than 200 languages, for off-site shelving at the Northern Regional Library Facility. The Head contributes to instruction and reference, and may assume liaison roles and collection development assignments as opportunities arise.

The Head is a member of the senior management team of Doe/Moffitt Libraries -- with the department heads of Circulation Services, Instruction and User Services, Interlibrary Services, and Research and Collections for Humanities and Social Sciences -- and reports directly to the Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives and Director of the Doe/Moffitt Libraries. This management team works collaboratively to guide and coordinate the strategic directions, programs, services, facilities, and policies associated with all units in the Doe/Moffitt Libraries. Managers are committed to supporting staff development and fostering an environment of collaboration, creative thinking, and continuous improvement.

DEADLINE : First consideration will be given to applications received by June 16, 2008.

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer

Please visit http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LHRD/rcia.html for the complete list of the position's responsibilities and qualifications, a description of benefits, and instructions on how to apply.

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May 16, 2008

CfP: Polish-Irish Encounters in New and Old Europe, Limerick, Ireland, Oct 2008

Interdisciplinary Conference
Mary Immaculate College (University of Limerick)
3-4 October 2008
Polish-Irish Encounters in the New and Old Europe

This conference seeks to explore the cultural and social dimension of Polish-Irish relations in the present and the past from a variety of angles. Culture is understood here in its broadest sense, as informing concepts of individual and collective identities, thus of social belonging. This is based on the assumption that human beings collectively construct their social and cultural reality, that literature, art, music, film and other media as well as language itself are manifestations of cultures.

Papers on any related theme will be considered. 300 word abstracts in English should be submitted by email on or before 30 July 2008 to Dr. Sabine Egger sabine.egger@mic.ul.ie or Dr. John McDonagh john.mcdonagh@mic.ul.ie.

Abstracts may be in Word, WordPerfect, PDF or RTF formats. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt within a week, you should assume that your proposal was not received and contact the organizers.

For further details please visit:

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CfP: Caucasian Review of International Affairs

The CRIA is a Germany-based quarterly peer-reviewed free, non-profit and online academic journal. The Review is committed to promote a better understanding of the regional affairs by providing relevant background information and analysis, as far as the Caucasus in general, and the South Caucasus in particular are concerned. The CRIA also welcomes lucid, well-documented papers on all aspects of international affairs, from all political viewpoints. The paper version of the Review is planned for the next future.

The next issue (Summer 2008) of the CRIA will be published in July 2008. Deadline for submission of papers for the upcoming issue is June 30, 2008. Manuscript guidelines can be found at http://cria-online.org/submit.php
Papers should be mailed to contact@cria-online.org

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CfA: Internship at Analytica

Applicants are expected to be university students, undergraduates or graduates preferably interested in EU studies. They should also have interest in policy research and at least basic research skills. An interest in one or more of Analytica’s programmes of research would be an advantage. Proficiency in English is essential. There are no citizenship requirements.

- Winter cycle: 10 January - 30 March
- Spring cycle: 10 April - 30 June
- Summer cycle: 10 July - 30 September
- Autumn cycle: 5 October - 25 December

The deadlines for submitting an application for internship are:
For Winter cycle: 15 December
For Spring cycle: 15 March
For Summer cycle: 15 June
For Autumn cycle: 10 September

How to Apply
Interested applicants should send their CVs (resumes) along with an application letter explaining the reasons behind their application to: info@analyticamk.org, within the specified deadline. Same application procedure applies both for residential and non-residential internship. For more info about Analytica and its work, please visit: http://www.analyticamk.org/index.html

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CfP Journal: Corruption, Polis

Polis an academic journal published by the European University of Tirana (UET), Albania, would like to invite post – graduate students, researchers and academics in general to submit papers for its sixth issue. The journal is published in Albanian and comes out three times a year. It focuses on issues directly or indirectly related to democratization in general and Albanian democratization in particular. The five previous issues of Polis have focused on political representation, Albanian Euro-skepticism, informality in Albania, the role of the international community in the Albanian democratization, and the crises of representation, respectively. The papers published in the last issues of Polis can be accessed on line at www.revistapolis.com or through the UET website: www.universitetieuropian.com

The sixth issue of Polis will have as its central theme corruption. Corruption has been identified both locally and internationally as one of the major challenges that Albanian democratization and development faces. Every major party and politician has been accused of and has denounced corruption. Furthermore, far from being a peculiarity of the Albanian political scene corruption seems to be a growing problem not only in the former communist countries but even in the most consolidated democracies. Hence, anti-corruption campaigns have been undertaken on constant bases, albeit with disappointing results. The more it is fought the more corruption seems to grow.

It is this phenomenon that the sixth issue of Polis seeks to explore by looking at it from different angles; including but not limited to institutional, structural, discursive, cultural or sociological perspectives. Therefore, we would like to invite submissions that explore different aspects of corruption, in Albania and beyond, from a critical perspective. The aim is to explore corruption not only as an economic but also as a political phenomenon and relate it to the crises of representation. We are open to submissions that focus on corruption in other countries that might be relevant to the Albanian case as well. The papers can be submitted in Albanian or English. If submitted in English and selected for publication they will be translated into Albanian by the Polis staff.

For inquiries, comments, or submissions please send your e-mails to: bkajsi@essex.ac.uk or kajsiu@yahoo.com

Submission deadline: June 20th, 2008

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CfP: Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine, 10/23-25/ 2008, UofOttawa

The Chair of Ukrainian Studies, with the support of the Wolodymyr George Danyliw Foundation, will be holding its Fourth Annual Danyliw Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine at the University of Ottawa on 23-25 October 2008. The Seminar will feature research papers, touching on Ukraine, from the disciplines of political science, anthropology (ethnology), sociology, economics, religious studies, demography, geography and other fields of social science. Papers with a theoretical and comparative focus are particularly solicited.

Two of its sections will feature special themes:

The first, on the politics of memory, will feature papers touching on the Famine (Holodomor), the purges, the Holocaust, deportations and other cases mass violence committed on the territory of Ukraine in the 1930s, during World War II and the immediate post-War period. involving, among others, the NKVD, German military and paramilitary forces, the Soviet Army, Soviet partisans, the OUN, the UPA, and the Polish Home Army, police, and military forces.We are inviting paper proposals based on current research in social and political history for this period and/or on an analysis of contemporary political issues raised by the memorialization of these events.

The second theme will be devoted to new research on Ukraine’s geopolitical challenges, particularly as they relate to NATO expansion, EU enlargement, and evolving Russia-Ukraine relations in the context of the re-assertion of the Russia’s regional and global state power. Papers exploring the domestic dimensions of Ukraine’s security dilemmas are also solicited.

Scholars and doctoral students are invited to submit a 1000 word paper proposal and a 250 word biographical statement, by email attachment, to Dominique Arel, Chair of Ukrainian Studies, at darel@uottawa.ca. Please also include your full coordinates (institutional affiliation, preferred postal address, email, phone) and indicate your latest publication (or, in the case of doctoral applicants, the title of your dissertation and year of expected completion).

The proposal deadline is 17 June 2007. To be eligible, papers must not have been accepted for publication by the time of the Seminar. The Chair will cover the expenses of participants, including discussants, to the Seminar. An international selection committee will review the proposals and notify applicants shortly after the deadline.

The aim of the Seminar is to provide a unique forum for researchers from Canada, the United States, Ukraine, Europe and elsewhere to engage in fruitful inter-disciplinary dialog, disseminate cutting-edge research papers on the Chair web site, encourage publications in various outlets, and stimulate collaborative research projects. Papers of the first three Annual Danyliw Research Seminars in Contemporary Ukrainian Studies can be downloaded at www.ukrainianstudies.uottawa.ca. The Seminar adopts the format of a Workshop, where each presentation is followed by group discussion, and is open to the public.

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May 12, 2008

CONF./CFP- Language Change in Bilingual Communities: Focus on Post-Soviet Countries, Uppsala, Oct. 3

Call for Abstracts
The workshop aims at giving a perspective on post-Soviet bilingualism while concentrating on the typology of linguistic changes under language contact.

Important Dates
Abstract submission: June 16, 2008
Notification: July 7, 2008
Workshop: October 3, 2008

Abstracts (in English, maximum 3 pages, including data and references) have to be submitted electronically as portable document format (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) files via the EasyChair conference management system: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=psb08

If you do not have an EasyChair account, click on the button "I have no EasyChair Account" on that page and follow the instructions. When you receive a password, you can enter the site and upload your abstract.

For more information and paper topics see: http://www.let.uu.nl/~Nino.Amiridze/personal/organization/PSB08.html

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May 05, 2008

CfP: Romanian Journal of Political Science, Elections in Russia and US

Romanian Journal of Political Science, a journal widely spread in the academic environment from Romania and south-eastern Europe, published by
the Romanian Academic Society, issues a call for articles with submissions expected by October 31st, 2008:

Elections in Russia and US: Russians elected this year a new leadership for the country. Although some analysts claim it is the same leadership as the old, some things are bound to change. More important changes are expected from American elections, whose unfolding has captured the imagination of the whole world. Results of both elections are likely to play an important role for shaping the world of 21st century.

What lessons can we learn by studying the process of these two elections? How does Eastern Europe position itself towards Russia and US after Iraq and Afghanistan? How does Iran play into this equation? Can Central Europe find an alternative to the position of implementing agent of US foreign policies? Is there a role to play for the EU between these two former and still great powers?

Submissions are expected by October 31st,2008.

The publishing language is English. Please use footnotes or endnotes, limit their number to a minimum and use consistently one citation system throughout your article. Electronic submissions are acceptable in Word for Windows at office@sar.org.ro If you prefer snail mail send a floppy disk/CD with the article in Word for Windows and a hard copy at Societatea Academica din Romania, str. Mihai Eminescu 61, Bucuresti, Romania. The ideal length of an article is anywhere between 4000 and 8000 words, but longer articles can be considered on the basis of exceptional merit. Foreign policy scientists writing on Romanian or broader Central European issues are also encouraged to contribute.

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CfP: Uses and Misuses of The Middle Ages and Renaissance, 10/25-26/2008, Lafayett LA

The 6th Annual Conference of the Louisiana Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
October 25-26, 2008
Keynote Address by Professor Patrick Geary, UCLA:
“Ethnic Nationalism and the Fight to Control the Past”

The 2008 meeting of the Louisiana Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies will take place on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on October 25th and 26th, 2008. Participants will conduct the 2008 consortium in a seminar structure, where they will workshop their pre-circulated scholarly papers. All scholars and interested parties are encouraged to attend.

We welcome paper proposals from all areas of medieval and Renaissance studies. We encourage the engagement of multiple methodologies, media, and disciplines.

Please send a 300-word abstract, along with current curriculum vitae, contact information and audio/visual requirements by September 1, 2008 to:

Sara Ritchey
Department of History
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
554 Griffin Hall
P.O. Box 42531
Lafayette, LA 70504

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