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January 27, 2010

Book Reviewers, CEU PSJ

Call for Book Reviewers

CEU Political Science Journal has a special section dedicated to book reviews. There are two standard requirements for the reviews: they should not exceed 1,200 words and should address recently published books of general relevance in political science and related fields. If you are interested in reviewing books for the Journal, please send your CV (that includes your areas of interest and expertise) to Please mention in the subject of your e-mail that it is related with the book reviews. For 2010, we provide the authors with a wide range on choices that best fit their academic interests.

Supplementary details at

The new December 2009 number is now online, you can freely access it at

The Editorial BoardCEU Political Science Journal
Nador ut. 9, 1051 Budapest,

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Traineeship with the Council on Foreign Economic Relations, Macedonia

"Traineeship with the Council on Foreign Economic Relations"
Skopje-based Council on Foreign Economic Relations ( has vacancy for its traineeship programme.

COFER's traineeship programme is unpaid, it is for 2 or 3 months, it is residential in the COFER's office in the Skopje's city centre and it is for those interested in economic research and advocacy.

You should have already finished your studies or about to finish them, preferably in the economics, business, mathematics and engineering.

Those interested should apply with 1 page CV to:

There are no nationality requirements.

Applications are received year-round.

Council on Foreign Economic Relations
Skopje, Macedonia

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January 25, 2010

MultiLingual Solutions, Inc

MultiLingual Solutions, Inc. ( is a foreign
language services firm providing translation, interpretation,
innovative language and cultural training and course materials
preparation services to both government and private sector clients
throughout the world. Office is located in Maryland, USA.

We are currently seeking an experienced Russian Language Instructor
who will be responsible for developing and delivering a part-time
intermediate to advanced level language course to one student. The
classes will take place in the Miami, FL area, starting in January.
Classes will be held 4-5 times a week. Each session will be
approximately two hours.

Required Qualifications:

-Native-level proficiency of the standard form of the language
-Fully knowledgeable of the target culture and current usage of the
-Sufficient English speaking skills to effectively explain complex
syntactic structures of the target language
-Minimum 3 years of experience teaching Russian language in a
formal setting to adult foreign language learners

Competence in locating suitable authentic material and experience in
developing proficiency-based training with integrated activities
using material such as newspaper articles or radio broadcasts
Academic credentials in the language are highly desirable: a minimum
of a Bachelor's degree is required

Interested candidates should send the following as soon as possible:

*A detailed updated CV (as an attachment in Word or PDF),
*A cover letter highlighting key qualifications and relevant teaching and translation/interpretation experience,
*Information regarding availability for above mentioned dates

Please contact Maryam Nassiri at at your earliest convenience.

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January 23, 2010

The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus is welcoming student members!

The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC) encourages and supports scholarly study of the South Caucasus states (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia) across all disciplines of the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. Incorporated in 2006, ARISC currently has an office open in Baku and is working to establish offices in Tbilisi and Yerevan, which will serve to facilitate research and nurture scholarly ties between institutions, individuals and students.

ARISC’s mission is to promote and encourage American research in the region and to foster intellectual inquiry across boundaries within the South Caucasus as well as between the South Caucasus and its neighbors. The exchange of scholars and scholarly information will be encouraged by ARISC’s support for conferences, fellowships, publications, teaching resources, and other forms of cooperation for use both in the United States and in the host countries where the Institute is located.

ARISC, like other American Overseas Research Centers, a private, not-for-profit organization, will provide a meeting place for U.S. and local scholars of all disciplines in the capitals of the South Caucasian countries and, over time, library resources.

ARISC is led by a growing consortium of U.S. academic institutions and individual scholars interested in the region. We welcome the participation of new institutions, individuals and students who are interested in becoming members of ARISC. The support of our members is particularly crucial in this formative stage of our development.

Join ARISC today!

Student Membership
Any undergraduate or graduate student currently seeking a degree at an accredited university may be become a Student Member of ARISC, upon application and acceptance by ARISC. Student members will be considered adjunct members and will have the right to benefit from access to ARISC-only online communications and student-only online communications.
Annual student membership dues are $20.

Individual Membership
Anyone may become an Individual Member of ARISC, upon application and
acceptance by ARISC. Annual individual membership dues are $50.

For more information, please visit our website at

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January 20, 2010

CfP Journal: International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology

Introducing ‘‘International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology”

The International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (IJSA) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published that will be monthly by Academic Journals (, IJSA is dedicated to increasing the depth of the subject across disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge of the subject.

Call for Papers

IJSA will cover all areas of the subject. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence, and will publish:
Original articles in basic and applied research
Case studies
Critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays

We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) to or for publication. Our objective is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscript(s) within four weeks of submission. Following acceptance, a paper will normally be published in the next issue. Instruction for authors and other details are available on our website;

IJSA is an Open Access Journal

One key request of researchers across the world is unrestricted access to research publications. Open access gives a worldwide audience larger than that of any subscription-based journal and thus increases the visibility and impact of published works. It also enhances indexing, retrieval power and eliminates the need for permissions to reproduce and distribute content. IJSA is fully committed to the Open Access Initiative and will provide free access to all articles as soon as they are published.

Emeje Cynthia
Editorial Assistant
International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (IJSA)

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Internship: European Commission

The Delegation of the European Commission offers a variety of internship positions at its office in Washington, DC, in New York, and in Europe.

Internships are intended to provide college and university students and recent graduates with the opportunity to acquire considerable knowledge of the European Union, its institutions, activities, laws, statistics and relations with the US. Internship applicants may be of any nationality.

Internships are offered three times a year in keeping with the "semester calendar" from: September through December (Fall semester); January through May (Spring semester); June through August (Summer session).

Washington D.c. Internship Application Deadlines are as follows:

Fall Semester: May 15

Spring Semester: September 15

Summer Session: February 15

For further information on all internships, see

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January 14, 2010

Call for Manuscripts: Studies in East and Central Europe, University of Rochester Press

Rochester Studies in East/Central Europe
University of Rochester Press
668 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester, New York 14620
Phone: (585) 273-5778 Fax: (585) 271-8778


The University of Rochester Press is accepting manuscripts for its publication series entitled Rochester Studies in East/Central Europe.

Professor Timothy Snyder, Professor of History at Yale University, serves as series editor, and is assisted by a panel of scholars from a variety of institutions. The editorial board seeks new projects and formats ranging from monographs to edited volumes representing myriad points of view.

The series encompasses contemporary and historical works relating to all areas of East and Central Europe including the territory of the former Habsburg Empire, the western Soviet Republics and their successor states, and the Balkans. We seek manuscripts of original historical synthesis on a variety of subjects, and would especially welcome works that cross traditional disciplinary, geographic, and period boundaries (for example on the Ottoman Empire in Southeastern Europe, or the Central European diaspora in Latin America). We will consider works of literature in translation and historical memoir, in both cases only when English language rights are available.

To submit an appropriate project for consideration, please send a formal proposal or prospectus. The proposal should include: 1) a brief but detailed synopsis of the work, outlining its intended contribution to the existing literature; 2) an abstract of 300 words or less, summarizing the work's content; 3) a complete table of contents and one or two sample chapters; 4) an updated CV. Scholars interested in submitting their work for consideration should request a proposal form from the press editor:

Timothy Snyder
Department of History
Yale University

John Connelly
Department of History
University of California, Berkeley

Vladimir Tismaneanu
Center for Study of Post-Communist Societies
University of Maryland

Holly Case
Department of History
Cornell University

Zoltan Barany
Political Science Department
University of Texas, Austin

Robert Blobaum
History Department
West Virginia University

Jeremy King
History Department
Mount Holyoke College

Suzanne E. Guiod
Editorial Director
University of Rochester Press
668 Mt Hope Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620
v. 585-273-5778
f. 585-271-8778

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January 11, 2010

CfP Journal: Global Studies Journal

global-e: Global Studies Journal

global-e: Global Studies Journal, welcomes submissions by scholars and practitioners in the field of global studies. We are soliciting essays of approximately 800-1000 words, the standard length for opinion pieces in most newspapers, magazines, and journals. Our aim is to provoke discussion and to provide commentators the opportunity to circulate their ideas in a new format.

Commentaries should focus on public issues, theoretical debates, methodological challenges, and curricular concerns in the field of global studies. Interested authors are welcome to email the global-e editors an inquiry or directly submit an essay for consideration.

All submissions will be reviewed for possible publication by the global-e editorial staff.

Email us at if you wish to submit an essay or make an enquiry.

Steve Witt
Associate Director
Center for Global Studies
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
910 S. 5th, Room 303
Champaign, IL 61820 USA

Visit the website at

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Eurasian and East European Research

The National Council for Eurasian and East European Research

We are pleased to announce that our 2010 grant competitions are now open for application. To obtain information and/or apply for one of our programs, please see the following page:

The NCEEER Staff

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