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January 25, 2010

Faculty Seminar: The New Russia (summer 2010)

-Social and Political Challenges of the New Russia-
May 22-29, 2010

Brief Description:
This seminar investigates the social and political challenges facing the new Russia and critically examines Russia's identity in the reality of the world today. Through site visits and lectures led by local experts in political science, sociology, history, and culture, this seminar gives participants a firsthand sense of the Russia in the new millennium.

Please visit www.ciee.org/ifds/seminars/russia for complete rationale and seminar details.

CIEE will also offer 19 other seminars next summer with varied themes and locations around the world including Tibet, Botswana & South Africa, Italy, Peru and Turkey.

Please visit www.ciee.org/ifds to obtain further information, or contact Kate Shalvoy (kshalvoy@ciee.org) with inquiries.

Posted by uunguyen at January 25, 2010 11:00 AM