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January 15, 2010

Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages, IN

Deadline: March 22, 2010

Indiana University's 60th Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European, and Central Asian Languages
June 18-August 13, 2010
Bloomington, Indiana

ALL participants pay IN-STATE TUITION. Foreign Language Area Studies Awards and Title VIII funding is available. The following languages are ACLS-funded and TUITION-FREE for graduate students specializing in any field related to these languages: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Macedonian, Polish,
and Romanian.

All fellowship deadlines are March 22nd. Acceptance is on a space-available basis after that date.

The following languages will be offered:
Russian (1st through 6th years); Azerbaijani (1st & 2nd); Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian; Czech; Georgian (1st); Hungarian; Kazakh (1st & 2nd); Macedonian;
Mongolian; Pashto (1st and 2nd); Polish; Romanian; Tajik (1st through 3rd); Turkmen (1st & 2nd); Ukrainian (2nd); Uyghur (1st through 3rd); Uzbek (1st & 2nd).

For more information contact:
Ballantine Hall 502
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405

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