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February 26, 2010

International Peace and Development Training Centre

Established in 2003 the International Peace and Development Training Centre specializes in providing advanced and expert training programs for governments, UN staff, policy makers, conflict parties and leadership, field workers, local and national organisations, and staff of international agencies.

IPDTC annual programs include:
Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Post-War Recovery (PCTR)
Gender in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (GaP)
Enhancing Peacebuilding Effectiveness (EPE)
Designing Peacebuilding Programs (DPP)
Reconciliation and Healing After Violence
Democracy, Human Rights and Peace by Peaceful Means

For more information: http://www.patrir.ro/training/

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February 01, 2010

Graduate students questions answered by experienced faculty in the AATSEEL newsletter

The AATSEEL Newsletter is inviting submissions of questions related to all aspects of the academia, including logistics of professional development, surviving and making the best of graduate school, research, pedagogy, funding, job market, professional ethics, and the intricate balance of all the above. These questions will be posted, anonymously, in the AATSEEL Newsletter Graduate Student Forum, and one of the advisors to the forum will answer them. Currently, the board of advisors includes: Marina Balina (Illinois Wesleyan University); Margaret Beissinger (Princeton University); Thomas Beyer (Middlebury College); Robert Channon (Purdue University); Halina Filipowicz (University of Wisconsin at Madison); and Sibelan Forrester (Swarthmore College).

This opportunity will allow you to receive advice from experienced colleagues, and yet remain anonymous if your question is of a sensitive nature.

Please submit your questions off-list to NinaWieda2008@u.northwestern.edu.

Nina Wieda
The AATSEEL Newsletter Graduate Student Forum column editor.

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New Series Announcement: Ars Rossika

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce Ars Rossika, a new series in Slavic studies.

The goal of the “Ars Rossika” series is the publication of English-language volumes that represent a certain “stock-taking” attitude toward Russian literary and cultural studies at a time when the role of the academic book in its traditional format is itself being reconsidered.

We are especially interested in authors and works with the potential, over time, to become scholarly-critical “classics” – essays and volumes that subsequent generations will return to as intellectually compelling and authoritative. No singular critical methodology or theoretical optic will dominate; what will dominate in each case is a sophisticated conceptual framework and an impeccable scholarly awareness and judgment.

Our original plan involves foregrounding works written in English, however, we are also prepared to undertake, in some cases, translations (from the Russian) of especially important and ground-breaking studies. Collections of essays featuring a top scholar’s best, most representative work, often from different time periods and appearing in heretofore hard to locate places, are particularly attractive.

The vetting and editorial/production processes will be rapid but rigorous, the size of the volume will be flexible, and the possibility of joint e-publication will be, where appropriate, pursued.

The series is published by Academic Studies Press (Boston) under the general editorship of David Bethea (Wisconsin, Oxford).

For more information regarding this new series, please visit our website at www.academicstudiespress.com or contact our publishing director, Igor Nemirovsky at press@academicstudiespress.com.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and your submissions.

All the best,

Christa Kling
Sales and Marketing
Academic Studies Press

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