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March 29, 2010

Youth Leadership Conference for Polish Americans, DC

ACPC Youth Leadership Conference 2010

Since 1994, the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) has been sponsoring the Youth Leadership Conferences (YLC) in Washington, D.C. The conference assists youth of Polish background who are interested in civic and political activism to realize their full potential and to assume leadership roles in various fields at all levels of society. The week-long conference, will be held this year from June 20 – 26 and is open to high school graduates or college students, ages 17 to 26 of Polish descent.

It is an up close and intensive opportunity for 20 to 25 young Polish Americans, chosen from all over the U.S., to explore the political processes and interact with national and international leaders in the realms of foreign policy, business, science, education, journalism, culture, Polish American and east-central European affairs.

Plan to attend. A deposit of $50 (refundable) will guarantee a place as attendance is limited.

Report of a past Conference, with photos http://www.polishcultureacpc.org/ylc/ylc-05/index.html

For a documentary film on YouTube about the 2001 conference
Play Film - Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqhUj0til60
Play Film - Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftAR0FlJyuE

Requirements: Applicants must be:
of Polish descent (through at least one grandparent)
high school graduate as of June 2010, or college/univeristy student or graduate
not over 26 years of age.

The ACPC Youth Leadership Conference registration fee is $500. Housing at George Washington University and one meal per day, along with most other conference expenses are generously made possible by the American Council for Polish Culture. (Transportation to and from Washington, D.C., as well as each student's optional expenses are up to the individual and/or local supporting ACPC affiliate, Polish club or student organization, etc.)

The application form is available from http://www.polishcultureacpc.org/ylc/ylc-applic.htm

or by contacting the Youth Leadership Conference director (address and e-mail given below).

The following must be received by the YLC Chair by May 15, 2010 :

completed and signed application form
release form, signed by parent/guardian for participants under the age of 21, by applicant if over 21
student's resume
two (2) letters of recommendation
check for $500 payable to ACPC-YLC

In the event of non-acceptance or cancellation, all fees will be refunded.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail.

Irena Mirecki, Conference Chair
4041 41st Street
McLean, VA 22101


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