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April 23, 2010

Grad Student Conference on German-Russian Relations, IL

Deadline: 2010-08-25

Grad Student Conference on German-Russian Relations
University of Illinois at Chicago
November 12-13 2010
Call for Papers

Papers are requested for an interdisciplinary graduate conference to be held November 12-13 2010 at the University of Illinois at Chicago on German-Russian relations. This conference will explore German-Russian relations from the Middle Ages to the present time from different points of view. Encouraging an interdisciplinary approach, we invite papers from graduate students in history, political science, economics, visual arts, literature, film, communications, architecture, music, gender and women’s studies, sociology, and other related areas.

2010 marks the 20th anniversary of German Reunification and the 19th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia and the former GDR states have experienced the processes of democratization and the redefinition of their borders and national identity. With the tensions of the Cold War behind them, both nations are revising their cultural, political, and economic bilateral relations and partnerships.

Germany and Russia have a long history of bilateral relations, positive and negative. Already during Middle Ages and early modern period, the Russian cities of Arkhangelsk and Novgorod were members of the Hanseatic League along with the German cities of Lübeck, Hamburg, Rostock, Bremen, and many others. Prussia and the Russian Empire fought against each other in the Seven Years War (1756-1763). Germany and Russia were enemies again during World War I and World War II. Despite military and political conflicts, both countries continued to forge cultural and economic connections, influencing one another in significant ways.

Suggested paper topics include:
- Images of Germans or Germany in Russian literature, film, and art
- Germans on the Russian throne
- Images of Russians or Russia in German literature, film, and art
- German-Russian interdynasties
- Cooperation of feminists (e.g. Clara Zetkin and Alexandra Kollontai)
- Stasi and KGB practices
- German-Russian film co-productions
- German architects in Russia
- Russian aristocracy and intelligentsia in Baden-Baden
- German ethnic minorities in Russia (Volga Germans and others)
- Russian ethnic minorities in Germany
- Exile communities
- The Russian Colony Alexandrovka (Potsdam)
- Russian-Jewish writers in Germany
- Trilateral relationships: Germany, Russia, and the USA
- Philosophical, musical, or scholarly influences
- Anti-German or Anti-Russian wartime or Cold War propaganda

Paper requirements:
- 20 minutes presentation
- All quotations in German or Russian should be translated into English
- Full papers should be sent to the conference organizers, panel chairs and moderators no later than November 1st.

Please send abstracts (250-300 words) to Ekaterina Pirozhenko (epiroz2@uic.edu) by August 25th. Include university affiliation and a brief biographical statement or description of your scholarly interests (2-5 sentences).

Ekaterina Pirozhenko
PhD Candidate (ABD)
Department of Germanic Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: epiroz2@uic.edu

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