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October 22, 2012

CFP Journal: Cultural Geography & Geohumanities

“Cultural Geography & Geohumanities” (CG&G) is a new online academic journal which has been published in Russia since 2012. Main topics covered include: cultural geography, 'geohumanities', cultural landscapes, urban & regional studies, interdisciplinary studies of space. Symbolic properties and mental images of space & place, interpretations and (re)presentations of space & place, human emotional ties with space and the practices of lived space are in the focus of the journal. The term 'geohumanities' is used to define the certain academic tradition in Russian human geography founded in the 1990s that indicated the close interconnection of geography and the humanities ('humanitarian geography' in word-by-word translation). However, the term itself is borrowed from the wide international context, including the AAG event on 'Geography and the humanities' in 2007 and the book that followed. The idea is to focus on the large interdisciplinary research field that unites geography and the humanities.

For the submissions in Russian, please, follow the link to register, study the author guidelines and submit your paper online: http://gumgeo.ru/index.php/gumgeo/information/authors. Though published in Russian, one of the journal’s major tasks is to develop in the international context & to bring the up-to-date international trends into Russian cultural geography. Taking this into account, the Editorial board of “CG&G” has decided to translate 4 articles per year for further publication. In order to implement this, we have reached an agreement with the AAG and Routledge Publishers to translate 2 articles per year from the Annals. In addition to this, we welcome your proposals for the translation of your original papers in English into Russian to be published in our journal.

The preferred themes include either (a) reviews of the latest trends in cultural geography and the interconnections of geography & the humanities or (b) case-studies made, fully or partly, on the Russian and/or Post-Soviet data. We also accept previously published papers for consideration, but in this case we ask the authors to take care about the permissions from the publishers themselves.

Please, submit either full-length (2,000 – 8,000 words) papers or 100-200 words summaries to the editor-in-chief by e-mail together with the cover letter stating if the paper has been previously published and if you wish it to be translated partly and/or revised for the translation (if necessary).

Website: www.gumgeo.ru (switch to English in the left column!)
E-mail: gumgeo@gumgeo.ru
Ivan Mitin, editor-in-chief, Ph.D. (geography)
Senior Researcher, Centre for spatial studies in humanities, Russian Research Institute for Cultural & Natural Heritage

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