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November 14, 2012

Courses: CLI Summer 2013 Language and Study-Abroad Opportunities

Deadline: February 1, 2013

Summer Language & Study-Abroad Opportunities for Less Commonly-Taught Languages: THE ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY CRITICAL LANGUAGES INSTITUTE
- HYBRID PROGRAMS: 2-month intensive programs on the ASU campus plus optional 1-month in-country study
- OVERSEAS PROGRAMS: 2-month overseas immersion programs
- DATES: Vary. See (http://cli.asu.edu).
- DEADLINE: February 1, 2013
- FUNDING: Graduate and undergraduate funding available

HYBRID PROGRAMS: 7-week intensive courses on the ASU main campus plus optional 4-week follow-on courses overseas, providing 7-13 academic credits.
- Albanian (Arizona - Tirana)
- Armenian (Arizona - Yerevan)
- Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (Arizona - Sarajevo)
- Persian (Arizona - Samarqand)
- Polish (Arizona - Poznan)
- Russian (Arizona - Kazan)
- Uzbek (Arizona - Samarqand)
In-language co-curricular & cultural programming, career/grant mentoring opportunities, peer-led extramural programming in select locations.

OVERSEAS PROGRAMS: 8-week summer programs providing 8-10 academic credits.
- Russian 3rd & 4th-year (Kazan)
- Russian 5th & 6th-year (Kiev)
- Tatar 1st & 2nd-year (Kazan)
- Ukrainian 1st-4th-year (Kiev)
Homestays, cultural programming, peer-led extramural activities, summer internships (Kiev).

APPLICATION AND FULL DETAILS: (http://cli.asu.edu)

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