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January 08, 2013

Study Abroad: 4 New Programs and 20 Scholarships in Kosovo

Deadline: February 15 (funding)/April 1 (program)

Universum College is happy to announce that we are offering scholarships for our inaugural study abroad session! We are offering 20 scholarships (of 50% tuition) for successful applicants! To apply for scholarship, you should indicate so on your application form.

We are offering 4, 6, and 8 week long programs in the following areas:
- Ethnic Conflict
- International Interventions and Humanitarian Aid
- Business in South East Europe
- Social Entrepreneurship in a Developing Country

Each of these programs consists of an internship and 4 weeks of lecture, with the last week being done while traveling throughout the South East Europe (Republic of Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro) region. With the 6 and 8 week programs, the internship will continue after the lectures are completed.

The students will be placed into internships with the government or local and international businesses and organizations that are relevant to their chosen program.

Our study abroad program will allow students to explore the intricacies of these four topics in a practical, yet safe setting. The Republic of Kosovo, even with its tumultuous history, is a safe country, with an extremely low level of street crime.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please refer to our website www.studyinsoutheasteurope.net or email international.admissions@universum-ks.org.

Posted by jychai at January 8, 2013 04:23 PM