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February 12, 2013

CFP Conference: Revisiting the Rite: The 'Rite of Spring' Centenary Conference

Deadline: March 1, 2013

University of Oxford, Kellogg College, May 29, 2013
Convenor: Dr Claire I R O’Mahony, University Lecturer in the History of Art and Design and Fellow of Kellogg College http://www.kellogg.ox.ac.uk/claire-i-r-o%E2%80%99mahony
In collaboration with the Transnational Modernisms Research Group at the University of Bristol

The premiere at the Paris Opera on 29 May 1913 of The Rite of Spring Scenes from Pagan Russia arguably constituted the quintessential total work of art (gesamtkunstwerk). This interdisciplinary conference will examine the cross-fertilizations between music, choreography and design in the creation of the original performance as well its critical reception and its legacies in contemporary performance and fashion design. Reassessing this watershed moment in the history of performance, papers are invited which investigate both its continuity and ruptures with the traditions of music, dance and design as well as subsequent responses including:

- Locating the Rite as music, ballet, design
- Original and subsequent critical reception of the Rite
- Constructions of Russian and cosmopolitan identities around the Rite
- Modernism and the Rite
- Protagonists in the creation of the Rite, both well documented (Stravinsky; Diaghilev; Nijinsky; Roerich; etc.) and less celebrated contributors
- Collaboration within the original and subsequent productions of the Rite
- The history of productions and adaptations of the Rite
- The impact of the Rite on mass culture (photography; magazine illustration; fashion; collectibles; etc.)
- The representation of the Rite in other media (literature; caricature; etc.)
- The legacy of the Rite for subsequent composers; choreographers; designers; historians
- Marketing, collecting and preserving material vestiges of the Rite
- Centenary productions and concerts of the Rite
- Fictional and documentary films about the Rite

Reflecting the interdisciplinary aims of the conference, proposals are sought from a wide range of speakers related to dance, music, design and their histories; Russian and French Studies; etc. from established scholars; early career researchers; doctoral candidates; practitioners and performers.

Please send a paper proposal of no more than 300 words to claire.omahony@kellogg.ox.ac.uk by Friday 1 March 2013.

- Podcasts from the conference will be available through itunes.ox.ac.uk
- Edited volume will be published with Rivendale Press http://www.rivendalepress.com/index.html

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