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February 04, 2013

CFP Journal: Marxism in the Epoch of Late Capitalism

Deadline: March 1, 2013

Journal for Philosophical and Cultural Studies “Topos” welcomes submissions of articles and reviews for the next issue (vol. 1, 2013). The topic of the issue is “MARXISM IN THE EPOCH OF LATE CAPITALISM.”

Marxism was born from a reflexion on social effects of domineering of economic imperatives in the society as a radical form of democratic thinking in a counterbalance to liberal radicalism. As a matter of fact this balance was set as a scale for the European intellectual tradition. The globalization of capitalism leads to the narrowing of this scale dissolving Marxism in a post-Marxist field of “cultural researches”, declaring “new spirit” of capitalism, the upsurge of a “creative class”, self-organization and creativity of the masses in WEB 2.0 etc. On the other hand, the features of late capitalism acquire a new dramatic nature and theorists have written about it since the 1970s (the economic crisis, the crisis of political and aesthetic representation). It arouses a number of the general questions: is the classical criticism of the capital relevant today? What is the degree of autonomy aw well as the emancipation potential of the cultural industries and modern art? To what extend is the Marxist criticism of alienation, objectification, exploitation, ideology relevant to modern realities of non-material work, “the society of knowledge”, social networks, etc.?

The rigidity of neoliberal strategy and the formation of oligarchical and authoritative state capitalism in various regions of the post-soviet world, on the other hand, add a new impulse to Marxism. In this context besides the problem of reinterpretation of the Soviet past, the questions about the capitalism duality (“wild” and “civilized”), about destinies of “new democracies” in the epoch of neoliberalism, post-Soviet specificity of consumption, etc. become topical. The question of connection of Marxism with the destinies of philosophy forms an additional framework for considering Marxism under modern conditions. Maybe in the situation of crisis of philosophy, its steady replacement from the political and public spheres, from university, Marxism can become the form of a survival for philosophy today?

The open list topics for discussion:
- Marxism as a way of philosophizing today.
- Return to dialectics: parallax and “short circuit” (S. Žižek).
- Marxism and the form: social logic of culture (F. Jameson).
- Capitalism and schizophrenia: topicality of Freudian and Marxist synthesis.
- Correlation of the ethical, the aesthetic and the political in modern critical thinking (A. Badiou, J. Rancière).
- Marxism and the modern political agenda: the problem of the political subject and the action.

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