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February 04, 2013

Study Abroad: Summer Programs in Russia, American Councils

Deadline: February 15, 2013

American Councils (ACTR) is offering summer programs in Russia for American students. The unique programs include Russian language and area studies, Russian business language and internship, and a program for Russian heritage speakers. All participants receive undergraduate- or graduate-level academic credit through Bryn Mawr College.

* Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program (RLASP)
RLASP is designed to improve participants' oral, listening, reading, and writing proficiency in Russian language and to develop their knowledge of Russian history, politics, culture, and society. Learn more: www.acStudyAbroad.org/rlasp
* Business Russian Language and Internship Program (BRLI)
Combining intensive business language classes and an internship in Moscow or St. Petersburg, BRLI prepares Russian language students for a career in the international job market. Learn more: www.acStudyAbroad.org/brli
* Russian Heritage Speakers Program
Customized to the individual need of each participant, the Russian Heritage Speakers Program is intended to address the specific needs of students who grew up speaking Russian and wish to strengthen their language skills. Learn more: www.acStudyAbroad.org/heritage

For more than 35 years, American Councils has offered comprehensive language immersion programs in Russia for thousands of students and scholars. Participants greatly benefit from individual attention in our small classes and from interaction with host faculty who have extensive experience in second language acquisition. In addition to classroom learning, American Councils emphasizes language immersion outside of the academic program through:
* volunteer opportunities at sites such as local public schools, charity organizations, and international NGOs;
* cultural excursions, discussion groups, and extracurricular activities; and
* life with Russian host-families where participants can become fully immersed in the language, culture and cuisine of Russia.

Applications, additional program information, and eligibility requirements are available at: www.acrussiaabroad.org/program.php.

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