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March 15, 2013

CFP: REGION: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

REGION is a peer-reviewed international journal that explores the
history and current political, economic, social, and cultural affairs
of the entire former Soviet bloc. In particular, the journal focuses
on various facets of transformation at the local and national levels
in the aforementioned regions, as well as the changing character of
their relationships with the rest of world in the context of
glocalization. The following topics are most prominently featured:

Regional identities in globalized societies
Communication and transmission of information
Migration and boundaries
Transition: politics, economy, society, and culture

Imagined territories: cyber space, urban vs. rural, center vs. periphery,
Inter-regional cooperation
Identities in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, memories, and nostalgia

This journal is distinguished from others in similar fields by its
(g)locally oriented perspective. This journal will regularly give a
certain portion of space to articles on concrete local issues written
by local Eurasianist scholars.

We are now receiving papers to be reviewed for publication in Vol. 2,
No. 2 and subsequent issues. There is no thematic constraint, so we
welcome any papers investigating various topics pertaining to the
history and current affairs of the Russian Federation, East Europe,
and Central Asia. As well as research papers, we also receive
reviews/review essays of books on topics falling into the given scope.
A brief guideline for submission of research papers/reviews/review
essays is given below:

Research Articles:
There is no absolute length requirement for manuscripts but the
preferred length is 8,000-10,000 words. An abstract of no more than
150 words should be provided at the beginning of the article. If
possible, manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word using Times New
Roman 12 point font. Double-space the abstract, manuscript, notes, and
indented quotations. Number pages consecutively.

Review Articles:
Review essays analyze in depth a discrete body of noteworthy secondary
works, should begin with a title and list of books under
consideration, with full bibliographical information. The preferred
length is 1,500-3,000 words.

Reviews are expected to contain a scholarly apparatus, although it
need not be extensive. The preferred length is 750-1,000 words. A
review should bear no title and begin with the bibliographic data of
the reviewed book.

Full submission guidelines and style sheet are available at the
homepage of the Slavica publishers,

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