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March 15, 2013

Study abroad: Summer Russian Language Program at Maxim Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow

Deadline: June 21, 2013

The Russian Language Department at Maxim Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow, Russia offers a 4 week summer Russian language program for 2nd and 3rd year students of Russian.
Program dates: July 22 – August 23, 2013.
Students should arrive in Moscow on July 20 - 21.

The program consists of three modules:
Module I. Russian Language with a Focus on Communicative Strategies: 12 hours / week.
Module II. Russian language through the Cinema: 4 hours / week.
Module III. Russian Language through the Literature: 4 hours / week.

Afterclass activities will allow students to explore Russian culture with the most experienced and inspiring guides. The cultural program includes tours of Moscow and its suburbs, visits to Vladimir, Suzdal, and St. Petersburg.

Accommodation: students have a choice of staying with a host family or at the Institute’s residence hall. Homestay includes breakfast 7 days a week.
Application opens: March 11, 2013. Application deadline: June 21, 2013.
For questions regarding academic content please contact: t.e.nikolskaya@gmail.com.
For general program questions please contact the Literary Institute International Department staff: liternity@litinstitut.ru. Phone: +7 495 694 0812.
About the institute: http://www.litinstitut.ru.
About summer schools: http://www.litinstitut.ru/index.php?area=1&p=product&action=showdetails&id=7.

Program Fees
Classes of 3 and more students – $1.300 / 4 weeks (per a student)
Classes of 1-2 students - $ 2000 / 4 weeks. (per a student)

With a host family - $ 850
At the dormitory - $ 650 (room for one)
$ 350 (room for two)
Culture, tourism and entertainment: base package - $500.
Miscellaneous (letter of invitation, airport transfers, studying materials, etc.) - $150.

Why Maxim Gorky Literary Institute?
- Highly professional Russian language instructors. Most of our teachers have a PhD degree in Russian language.
- Decades of teaching Russian to non-Russian speakers.
- Friendly environment. We are a small school and we like to pay close attention to every student.
- We are located in a historical XVIII century mansion in the very heart of old Moscow, on the Tverskoi Boulevard, next to The Pushkin Square
- This is a great place to learn about Russian literature and culture. The Institute teaches current generation of Russian poets, writers, literary critics and translators.

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