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April 12, 2013

CFP: 13th Aleksanteri Conference: Russia and the World (Oct 23-25, 2013)

DEADLINE: May 15, 2013

The 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference
October 23 -- 25, 2013, University of Helsinki, Finland

The conference will address several themes related to Russia's foreign
and security policy as well as the nexus between domestic and
international factors. Can we talk about modernization of Russian
foreign policy? How has Russian foreign policy changed? How is Russia
developing its relations to major international power centres? How is it
dealing with its neighbours? How does it address new global issues? Is
Russia's global role on the rise or in decline? Is it possible to
develop a reliable theory of Russia's foreign policy?

We are inviting submissions for papers and panels on diverse dimensions
of Russian foreign and security policy across different disciplines.

More information on the preliminary conference program, paper and panel
submission and other practical matters:

** Deadline for the proposals is May 15, 2013 **

The Aleksanteri Conference is an annual, multidisciplinary,
international conference organised by the Aleksanteri Institute, the
Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies, and the Academy
of Finland Centre of Excellence on Choices of Russian Modernisation,
affiliated with the University of Helsinki. Aleksanteri Conferences have
attracted broad interest among researchers and policy-makers in a wide
variety of disciplines interested in the development of post-socialist

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