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September 05, 2013

CFP:Post-Soviet Diasporas:Identities, Linkages, and Transformations Conference

Deadline: October 1, 2013

The Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Metropolis and
Migration and Diaspora Studies at Carleton University, generously
supported by the Magna Fund for Russian Studies, are seeking proposals for
a joint conference: Post-Soviet Diasporas: Identities, Linkages and
Transformations - to be held at Carleton University, March 20 and 21,

The collapse of the Soviet Union has transformed the map of Eastern Europe
and Central Asia. Constant social uncertainty, economic turbulence and the
emergence of fragile states provoked migration and mobility processes that
were in many ways unexpected and unprecedented. This dispersal of ethnic
groups across the region and throughout the world at once reflects and
drives global patterns of mobility, investment and social and economic
development in the 21st century.

We invite proposals from all relevant disciplines including history,
sociology, political science, geography, economics and public policy that
address the broader themes of this conference. The overarching goal is to
identify and assess the effects of the activities of post-Soviet diasporas
in Europe, North America and other host states and to understand better
the economic, political, social and cultural relationships of these
diasporas with their kin in their homelands.

We are particularly interested in papers that consider the following themes:

· From émigrés to diasporas: the discourses of identity

· Old and new - post-Soviet diasporas in North America and Europe:
searching for common ground.

· Russian diasporas: their impact on the greater post-Soviet space.

· Remittances and the economic, political, and social impact of
diasporas in their home states.

· Ethnic policy and regulation of diasporas in modern Russia.

· Global mobility and linkages, including the relationship of
international organizations, transnational corporations, think tanks,
academic research projects and other networks and initiatives to diaspora

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals from researchers
working in former Soviet countries as well as Western Europe and North
America. The conference is aimed to create an open research network for
studying diaspora communities and their dynamics, mobility, and linkages.
Comparative papers that address multiple countries or regions and papers
with interdisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged.
Applicants should submit a proposal of 300 words and a short CV of 2-3
pages by October 1, 2013 to:
Proposals should specify how the paper will address the themes of the
Initial selections will be made by November 1, 2013. Final papers (10-12
pages) will be due three weeks before the conference. They will be
pre-circulated among the participants.

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