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September 10, 2013

Job: Summer Work Opportunity in Russia(2014)

Any student (Russian Major) who would be interested in working at a children's camp on the Black Sea coast next summer (2014).

The camp bills itself as an “International Communication Camp.” The idea is to teach children about different cultures (become better Global Citizens), and to do so through a common language – English. In Russia, children are required to study a foreign language, and the most popular language is English. Unfortunately, most children have little or no exposure to native speakers of English. The summer camp would be an exciting opportunity to combine both foreign cultures and English.

Because the Falco Group is a non-profit organization, it tries to keep the price of the camp low and affordable, and as a result is limited in the amount of compensation it can offer to the Camp Leaders. In short, this is what can be offered:

1. Invitation for a 3-month visa.

2. Room and board during the period of the camps.

3. “Pocket money” for each day of the camp. (This is approximately $25 per day, paid in Rubles).

To get an idea of how this past summer’s camp was, you may visit the Most Camp’s web site at: www.mostcamp.org

For more information email: www.american-center-krasnodar.ru

Posted by jmkirsch at September 10, 2013 02:07 PM