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October 11, 2013

Announcement: New book series at Academic Studies Press

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce the following new book series:

“Liber Primus”

“Liber Primus” is a new series at Academic Studies Press designed for authors early in their careers, in many cases assistant professors coming up for tenure. A primary goal of the series is to create an outlet for outstanding academic books in our field at a time when university presses, forced to focus on “bottom lines” and trim their lists accordingly, are increasingly unlikely, regardless of the project, to take on proposals from untested, younger, less published scholars in our field. The series does not promote any specific scholarly-critical methodology, nor does it limit itself to any period, genre, or author grouping in Russian/Slavic literature/culture. Primary criteria will be quality of the research, conceptual robustness, clarity of thought, and elegance of style. Interdisciplinary projects are welcome. The vetting process will be rigorous and “blind,” with readers normally including a specialist with appropriate expertise and a member of the editorial board. It is the editor’s and editorial board’s hope that the seriousness of the review process and the attractiveness and attention to detail accompanying the finished product will give the books in this series the sort of “imprimatur” that deans and tenure committees will take into account as they shape the future of the discipline and the profession.

Anyone interested in submitting a book proposal should contact Sharona Vedol at ASP: (sharona.vedol@academicstudiespress.com).

Posted by jmkirsch at October 11, 2013 11:44 AM