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October 17, 2013

Job Posting; Doctoral student positions in the Finnish Doctoral Programme for Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies, University of Helsinki

Deadline: Application period starts on October 7, 2013 and closes on October 31, 2013

The University of Helsinki invites applications for 5 DOCTORAL STUDENT POSITIONS
in the doctoral programme in Political, Societal and Regional Change
for a 1–4 year period starting from 1.1.2014.

Description of the doctoral programme
The Doctoral Programme in Political, Societal and Regional Change
includes disciplines and institutions of three faculties of the
University of Helsinki.

It also includes as a sub-programme the Doctoral Programme for
Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies (REEES).

The participating disciplines are as follows:
The Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department of Political and Economic Studies
• Development Studies
• Economic and Social History
• Political History
• Political Science (3 specialisation options: Administration
and organisations; Politics; World politics).
The Faculty of Arts, the Department of World Cultures
• Area and Cultural Studies (6 specialisation options:
European Studies; Latin American Studies; Nordic Studies; North
American Studies; Russian and East European Studies; East Central
European, Balkan and Baltic Studies.).
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, the Department of Economics and Management
• Consumer Economics
The program includes a multidisciplinary faculty and departmental
cross-national research units:
• Centre for Nordic Studies ( CENS)
• Network for European Studies (NES)

The Doctoral Programme for Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian
Studies (REEES) is an internationally renowned nationwide network of
experts, researchers and students. The PhD students of the Programme
will be integrated to the research of the Aleksanteri Institute as
well as to the activities of the Centre of Excellence in Russian
Studies. The Programme is open for all PhD students of the city centre
campus faculties.

Duties and eligibility of a doctoral student
The duties of a doctoral student are to work on his or her own
doctoral thesis and to complete his or her postgraduate studies. The
duties also include teaching and other tasks.
A doctoral student must hold a second-cycle degree and have an
approved research proposal. Other requirements include the ability and
motivation, as demonstrated in previous degree studies or otherwise,
to pursue postgraduate studies and a doctoral degree according to the
study plan and research proposal. The appointee must hold the right to
pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki by the start of
the appointment.

The University of Helsinki offers a salary dependent on qualifications
and work experience. The salary will be based on levels 2–4 of the job
requirement scheme for teaching and research personnel in the salary
system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee shall be
paid a salary component based on personal work performance. The salary
will be EUR 2022–2970 per month, depending on the appointee’s
qualifications and work experience. The appointment starts with a
probationary period of four months.

Application period and submission of applications
The ap
plication period starts on 7 October 2013 and closes on 31
October 2013 at 16:00 (Finnish local time, + 2 GMT). Only applications
received by this deadline are considered given that they meet the
requirements set for the applications.
The applications are submitted electronically by filling in an
application form and attaching to it a single document containing the
required information described below (see: Content of the required
document to be attached to the application form). Read the
instructions carefully as inadequate applications will not be
processed. The application form and the document are to be completed
in English.

Content of the required document to be attached to the application form
The single document to be attached to the application form must
contain the following three elements:
- Research plan including most relevant references (maximum
length: 5 pages);
- Curriculum Vitae including a possible list of publications
(maximum length: 2 pages);
- Description of the current stage of the dissertation work,
motivational statement and how the dissertation is connected to the
profile of the doctoral programme (maximum length: 1 page).
The document should be saved in a pdf-format, have a font size of at
least 11 and be named using the applicant’s last and first name (e.g.

Evaluation criteria
Applications received in time and fulfilling the general application
requirements are evaluated according to the following criteria:
- Quality of the research plan and its connection to the
profile of the doctoral programme (e.g. the disciplines and/or fields
of research represented in the programme);
- Success in previous master-level studies;
- Academic merits (e.g. publications, awards, conference
presentations) and success in doctoral-level studies, where relevant.
In addition, a suitable supervisor must already be available or found
for the applicant.
Time table for decision making
The names of the persons selected for the doctoral student positions
will be published by the end of November.

Please note that the deadline for the applications is on 31 October
2013 at 16:00 (Finnish local time, + 2 GMT) Read the instructions
carefully, and if you need to re-submit, then indicate this in the
field "Topic or title of the thesis".

Our programme is open for all students of the city centre campus, so
it means that also PhD students from other faculties are eligible
candidates as wel

Further information
For further information on the doctoral programme and doctoral student
positions, please contact research co-ordinator Lauri Siitonen
(lauri.siitonen@helsinki.fi, +358 9 191 24256).
For further information on REES program, please contact the head of
research training Ira Jänis-Isokangas
(ira.janis-isokangas@helsinki.fi, +358 9 191 23646)
For further information on the doctoral schools, please see
Link to the electronic application form:

Ira Jänis-Isokangas
Head of Research Training
Aleksanteri Institute
+ 358 (0) 9 191 23646
+ 358 (0) 400 841161

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