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November 05, 2013

Study Abroad: New Blog for Minority Students in the Former Soviet Union

The Association for Students and Teachers of Color in Slavic Studies and SRAS have been working on a project that will hopefully help meet a need some of you have discussed on this listserv: providing resources for minority students/students of color thinking about studying abroad.

Rather than provide generalized advice for everyone, this blog gives individuals a chance to discuss their (positive and negative) experiences and offer their own suggestions for student travelers. Since this issue is so personal, and since folks can have vastly different experiences depending on a variety of circumstances, including location, we thought this would be a good starting point for those interested in learning what their trip abroad might be like.

That said, there are still a lot of perspectives not yet represented! Please feel free to share this not only with your current and future students but also with past ones -- if any of them would care to contribute their own post, we'd be happy to add it. Just get in touch with me (eawang@princeton.edu) or SRAS. And while our focus so far has been on students of color and ethnic minorities, SRAS is interested in including the perspectives of LGBT students as well -- though this issue is obviously changing more rapidly.


Posted by sarayu at November 5, 2013 01:39 PM