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February 02, 2011

Friday at Noon: Mohd. Anis Md. Nor 2/18/11

Friday, February 18
12:00 – 1:30 pm EDT [UTC/GMT -4 hours]
1636 SSWB/International Institute
1080 S. University, Ann Arbor MI

This talk will be webcast live.
For more information and instructions, please email cseas@umich.edu
Free and open to the public

Mohd. Anis Md. Nor
University of Malaya
Magigal and Igal-jin of Bajau Kubang: Invoking Liminality for the Spirits of the Ancestors in Semporna, Sabah

Mag-igal (dancing) and Igal-Jin (dancing spirit bearer) are the liminal performative components of Magduwata, a healing ritual ceremony of the Bajau Kubang people in Semporna, East Malaysia. Liminality of the Magduwata ceremony amongst the Bajau Kubang is manifested through trance dancing at the conclusion of the ancestral-derived healing ceremony. The Magduwata ritual healing represents an example of Turner’s ‘social drama’ where unexplained sickness among family members is seen as a breach in the physical and metaphysical relationships of the living and the ancestral spirits. Performativity (performance is floated freely) in Magduwata as ritual participants perform in the matrix of space and audience, liminalises the constructs of hierarchy in the social structure of the Bajau Kubang’s family, altering time and space that is not part of the legal convention ( extra legal) that happens outside the familiar. It is both strange and estrange. Dancing by participants and dancing-spirit-bearer is both a ‘social drama’ in the Turnerian sense as well as a liminal event in the performative sense.

Co-sponsor: School of Music, Theater and Dance; Center for World Performance Studies

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