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October 03, 2011

Early Myanmar and its Global Connections: An International Conference

Bagan Archaeological Museum, Myanmar
Date: 10-12 February 2012

In collaboration with the Myanmar Ministry of Culture, the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore will be convening an international conference on ‘Early Myanmar and its Global Connections’ at the Bagan Archaeological Museum in Bagan, Myanmar over the three days 10-12 February 2012.

The conference will bring together scholars from Myanmar and abroad for two days of paper presentations on topics relating to the external connections of early Myanmar polities (up to the 16th century). The formal conference will be followed by a further day of site visits in Bagan. The purpose of this gathering is to examine the external linkages of the major Myanmar polities and their urban centres prior to the 16th century. It is hoped that the papers presented, to be subsequently published in an edited volume, will offer a state-of-the-field overview of the relations between historical Myanmar polities and other Mainland Southeast Asian political and cultural centres, including those of the Tai, Thai, Mon and Khmer, as well as with the polities of India, China and maritime Southeast Asia. The languages of the conference will be Myanmar and English.

It has often been the case that the history of the ancient cities of Myanmar has been examined in splendid isolation, without sufficient reference to their external links which, it must be affirmed, were and remain integral and essential elements for any functioning metropolis in history or today. It is this aspect of regional and broader connectivities of Myanmar polities which we hope to underline through this conference.

Paper proposals based on original research are sought from scholars around the world. Interested scholars are invited to send a short abstract of their proposed paper together with a brief biographical note. Some funding for international travel and accommodation in Myanmar will be available, but if you are able to fund any of your own expenses this should be noted in your proposal. Research institutes throughout the world are also invited to nominate scholars whose participation in the conference they will financially support.

Proposals should be submitted to:

'Early Myanmar and its Global Connections' Conference
Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre
30 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Pasir Panjang
Singapore 119614

Email: nscconferences@iseas.edu.sg

Please note the name of the conference in the Subject line. Applications close on October 20 and successful applicants will be advised in early November.

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