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October 10, 2011

The Philippines and the World The Ninth International Conference on the Philippines

ICOPHIL-9: The Philippines and the World
The Ninth International Conference on the Philippines
28-30 October 2012 at Michigan State University
The Ninth International Conference on the Philippines will be held at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan USA, October 28-30, 2012. Please note the change from the previously announced dates.
Held at approximately four-year intervals since 1980, this conference seeks to bring together specialists in all academic areas concerning the Philippines or Filipinos anywhere in the world. Within the context of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary sessions we aim to foster interdisciplinary conversations among academics, policy makers, and interested members of the global community that will bring about greater understanding of Philippine matters and address issues of importance for the future of the Philippines and of Filipinos in the homeland and its diasporas. Some of the round-table sessions will be internet-based to incorporate presenters located outside the United States.
We seek proposals for full panels, individual papers, and poster presentations. Papers should be original works that have not been published or presented elsewhere. Most panels will run for 2 hours, including at least 30 minutes for audience discussion. Proposals for individual papers will be accepted pending the ability of the conference organizers to place them within an appropriate disciplinary or problem-centered session. Additional opportunities are available for poster-presentations.
Papers and panels are sought in all disciplinary areas, including the traditional Philippine Studies areas, as well as applied and developmental areas. Participants with specialized knowledge are sought for round-table discussions on topics of continuing importance, including the state of Philippine studies, the Philippine economy within the Pacific Basin, transparency in Philippine public life, and anticipated effects on the Philippines of global climate change.
The conference registration fee will be $100 for faculty and professionals and $50 for students. The banquet, which is subsidized, will be an additional $10. Registration forms, payment details, and travel and lodging information will be available on the conference web page, which may be accessed after November 15 through the web site of the Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University: http://asia.isp.msu.edu/
In partnership with The Asia Foundation limited numbers of scholarships will be available to cover airfare, lodging, and meals for students enrolled at colleges or universities in the Philippines whose proposed presentations are judged superior and who would otherwise not have been able to afford to participate.
Panel and paper proposals from potential participants in the Philippines will be vetted by the Philippine Studies Association in Manila. Submit by March 1, 2012 to:
Bernardita R. Churchill
President, Philippine Studies Association
Tel: (02) 921-4575; Fax: (02) 926-1347
Mobile: 0910-4905371
Panel and paper proposals from potential participants outside the Philippines will be vetted by the program committee in the U.S. Submit by March 1, 2012 to:
ICOPHIL Committee
Asian Studies Center
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824-1035

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