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January 31, 2012

Social Media and Cross-border Cultural Transmissions: Technologies, Policies, Industries

Organized by the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Date: 21-22 June 2012
Venue: Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

This interdisciplinary workshop takes a transcultural approach to exploring newly emerging online practices of cultural transmission. Culture industries across Asia have been dynamically transformed during the past decades, and are significantly affected by multilayered economic, socio-political and technological turbulence occurring on both global and domestic levels. This workshop explores how social media, online consumer practices and transcultural pop flows have facilitated the emergence and development of new global cultural distribution avenues and transformed the cultural industry landscape, and how Asia is at the centre of this newly emerging global cultural economy. The workshop will focus on three specific areas:

1. Technologies: this workshop identifies key moments in the development of cultural distribution in the era of Web 2.0 technology. In particular, it focuses on the increased use of mobile social media in Asia, and its socio-politico-economic implications in the region—in both the positive and negative perspectives.

2. Policies: this workshop explores the relationship between changed consumer practices and market environments in Asia, and its influence on the re/formation of media cultural policies and governance in various Asian countries (such as policy-making around the copyright and online piracy issues).

3. Industries: this workshop expands current theorisations on the global cultural distribution dynamics, dynamics that were once predominantly centred on the Euro-American axis. Dynamics that are now empowered by Web 2.0-driven user participation on social networking sites (SNS), yet are still under the significant influence of dominant corporate media chains.

The primary intention of the workshop is to examine both positive and negative connotations of the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on cross-border cultural transmission and the transformation of cultural industries in Asia. This workshop aims to explore the following questions:

• How have contemporary cultural flows formed by particular combinations of globalisation dynamics and technological innovations, and how and why has Asia become the emerging hub of such a phenomenon?
• Who is at the centre of these changed cultural distribution dynamics, and how do they combine and appropriate old and new modes of cultural distribution?
• To what extent is such a newly emerging mode of cultural distribution still a tool employed by powerful groups (e.g., corporate media and state governments) attempting to support their control and domination of pop consumer groups?
• In what ways has web user participation, particularly online youth activities on social networking sites, shifted the mode of “transcultural flows” in the global cultural market environment?
• How have such shifts demonstrated the expansion of the dynamics of global cultural flows, considering they were once predominantly centred on the Euro-American axis?
• How have changes in these paradigms affected the cultural industries in Asia and elsewhere in the context of transformations in industry structure, technology, market development and policy-making?

The workshop is intended to be an intimate gathering of scholars across all social science fields and disciplines, both within and outside Asia. We invite the submission of theoretical and empirical contributions to the study of transcultural flows of Asian popular products in the era of Web 2.0 technology. In this, we encourage papers that reflect the diverse media cultural dynamics active within the different areas of creative industries and markets.


Paper proposals should include a title, an abstract (250 words maximum) and a brief personal biography of 150 words using the Paper Proposal Submission Form. Please send your form to Dr JUNG Sun at arijs@nus.edu.sg by 24 February 2012. Successful applicants will be notified by mid March 2012 and will be required to send in a completed draft paper (5,000 - 8,000 words) by 15 May 2012.


Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Email: arijs@nus.edu.sg
Tel (Office): 65 6516 8568

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