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June 04, 2012

CFP: Healing, Belief Systems, Cultures and Religions of South and Southeast Asia

Healing, Belief Systems, Cultures and Religions of South and Southeast Asia

5th SSEASR Conference, Manila, Philippines
May 16-19, 2013
A Regional Conference of the IAHR, member CIPSH under the auspices of the UNESCO organised bySouth and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion(SSEASR) hosted and organised by
National Museum of the Philippines.

Bodies, made up by different elements and substances, are sites of and vehicles for the expression of our existence. It is not surprising, therefore, that the peoples of South and Southeast Asia have long expressed the belief that religious practice can facilitate (and at times, hinder) healing. The diverse
beliefs systems and cultural practices of South and Southeast Asia offer many ways to reach this goal, but all reflect the premise that healing is related to spirituality. This is the philosophy of our life and belief in South and Southeast Asia. Coming under various names such as guru, albularyo, achariya, sages and sufi, the healers and their methods reflect the distinctive cultures of this region. Today, several healers come out to combat diseases and restore our health. However, does this process include the treatment to our body only? The answer is pure NO. For us, health and healing go beyond our mortal body. Healing, in this context, however, encompasses more than just the body; it also includes healing the mind, the conscience, the soul and the “essential self.” We South and Southeast Asians encompass the traditional, alternative ways and the conventional methods of healing. Our various beliefs systems and religions and cultures offer many ways to reach this goal.

This Conference covers various aspects of healing beliefs and practices in the cultures and religions of South Asia and Southeast Asia. The Philippines is a cultural playground of inter-ethnicity and an amalgam of hundreds of native belief systems that are spread over 7,113 islands. It is a place that displays ethnic harmony and showcases the cultural values of unity, humility, compassion, and peaceful co-existence. In an age of intolerance, religious tension, and cultural conflict, the 5th SSEASR Conference is dedicated to providing an academic platform for discussing the relationship between culture and religious healing through various scholars from all over the world.

The National Museum of the Philippines invites you to participate in this multinational conference. This 5th SSEASR Conference has been also declared as an IAHR Regional Conference for the year 2013, thus
attracting a large number of international experts on the subject.
Sessions and paper proposals dealing with the study of this phenomenon through various academic disciplines are invited. The papers to be submitted on the following suggested sub-themes (but not
limited to these only) include:
• Health, Healing, and Healers in South and Southeast Asia
• Healing in South and Southeast Asian Transnational Communities
• Science and Traditional Healing Systems
• Sacred Sounds of South and Southeast Asia
• Traditional and Alternative Means of Healing
• Suffering and Penance Through the Bodily Practices
• Plants, Peoples, and Sacred Practices
• Belief Systems and Island Cultures
• Folk Christianity in South and Southeast Asia
• Pilgrimage and Spiritual Well-being
• Rites, Rituals and Sacredness in South and Southeast Asia
• Beliefs and Survival among South and Southeast Asian Diasporic Communities
• Routes as Carriers of Cultures and Religions
• Literature of Prayers and Invocations
• Indigenous Religions of South and Southeast Asia
• Festivals of the Ethnic Groups of South and Southeast Asia
Other papers are also welcomed covering the study of any area of culture and religion in the region.
• The SSEASR operates under the policies and principles of the parent body International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR), which seeks to promote the activities of all scholars and affiliates that contribute to the historical, social, and comparative study of religion. As such, the IAHR is the preeminent international forum for the critical, analytical and cross-cultural study of religion, past and present. The IAHR is not a forum for confessional, apologetical, or other similar concerns.

• On 15th May 2013, the Philippines celebrates the “San Isidro Labrador Festival”, the annual event for the Filipinos to respect the patron of farmer prosperity. The festivity and watching of
ritual performance and parade connected to this Festival would be our pre-Conference one day tour for the participants. We are also working on post conference tours. Other details regarding the accommodation, the amount of registration fees and the mode of payment would be announced very soon. For details, and registration form online filling, please visit the website www.sseasr.org or email us at SSEASRphilippines@yahoo.com

Important Deadlines
• Show of Interest: November 24, 2012
• Early Registration Deadline: January 15, 2013
• Last Submission of Abstract: February 24, 2013

Dr. Amarjiva Lochan
Dr. Ana Maria Theresa Labrador
Jeremy Barns, CESO III
President Coordinator Co-Chair
SSEASR Organizing Committee Director IV, National Museum

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