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July 17, 2012

Indigenous Communities and the Projects of Modernity in Indonesia

Call for Papers

4th International Graduate Students Conference on Indonesia
The conference will be held in the Postgraduate School of Gadjah Mada University (Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM), Jalan Teknika Utara Pogung Yogyakarta 55281, 30-31 October 2012.

This Conference is aimed at exploring how the indigenous communities in post-Suharto Indonesia are negotiating with the ‘the projects of modernity’ initiated by the state, the trans-national capitals, and the institutionalised religions – three actors whose interests are to some extents intertwined, but to another extent are in contradictory. These ‘projects of modernity’ have in fact been undertaking since the colonial era. However, the political reform after the fall of Suharto’s New Order has witnessed not only the different ways the indigenous communities deal with these ‘projects of modernity’, but also the rising issue of ‘indigenity’ as such and its relation to contested various interests. It is the concern of this Conference to explore and critically discuss these issues.

Abstract submission deadline: 17 August 2012

For more detail information please contact: Ana Zahida or Woelan Sejathi, E-mail: igsci@ugm.ac.id; igscindonesia@gmail.com; Tel / Fax: +62 274 564239
Website: pasca.ugm.ac.id/v2.1/agenda/id/56

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