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July 17, 2012

Self-fashioning in Southeast Asia

Call for Papers
Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference
March 21–24, 2013
San Diego, California

Philosophers, historians and literary theorists have produced an impressive corpus dedicated to understanding the sources and creation of the modern self/subject in Western history. By contrast, in Southeast Asian studies there has been very little done on this topic.

How have ideas of self-authority, personal dignity, individual rights and free thought been constructed in the region? How have religious and political movements, aesthetics and art helped shape the modern self? Do Western formulations of the self make useful comparisons or are they largely irrelevant? This panel for the 2013 AAS meeting in San Diego (March 21-24, 2013) seeks papers that research the modern history (c.1800 to 1950) of any country in the region. Please send a proposal (not more than one page) to Arjun Subrahmanyan, asubrahm@berkeley.edu by July 23, 2012.

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