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September 18, 2012

Call for Papers (Re)Constructions: Researching and Rethinking Asia

York Centre for Asian Research, Toronto, Canada
April 26 and 27, 2013

PDF version: www.yorku.ca/ycar/Events/reconstructions_call.pdf

How does scholarship of or about "Asia" contribute to dispelling geographies of ignorance?* How can our own work better contribute to understanding, and pointing out the misunderstandings, of the categories, spaces and frameworks constructed as part of Asian Studies within and beyond the territorial limits of "Asia"?

The question of reconstructing the conceptual frameworks for research in Asia and Asian Diaspora has been actively debated in the last few decades, reflecting dynamic changes in both scholars' and broader society's notions of "Asia." These discussions pay critical attention to the modern politics of constructing Asian spaces and identities, and of disseminating knowledge of the area throughout the world. The disciplinary divides traditionally associated with Area Studies are also being contested, and more interdisciplinary approaches are being demanded for researching Asia.

Taking up this challenge, the conference seeks graduate student research that can speak to ways of rethinking the epistemologies and methodologies of researching Asia, and reconstructing conventional categories and frameworks from a broad range of disciplines. The theme for this conference seeks to build upon the successful YCAR Graduate Student Conference in 2008.

Interested participants should submit a paper title, abstract with keywords (250 words maximum) along with brief biographical information (name, affiliation, stage of graduate study) by December 1, 2012. Successful candidates will be contacted by January 15, 2013 and must submit completed papers by March 25, 2013. Please email submissions to the conference organizers at: YCARreconstructions2013@gmail.com

More information about the conference can be found on the conference web site:

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