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February 08, 2013


Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network (APSTSN) Biennial Conference 2013

Date: 15-17 July 2013
Venue: Tembusu College, National University of Singapore
Website: http://www.apstsn2013.com/

This conference is jointly organized by the STS Research Cluster of the Asia Research Institute (ARI), the STS Research Cluster of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), and Tembusu College (at University Town), all at the National University of Singapore (NUS); with funding support from the Humanities and Social Science Research Fund at NUS.

The National University of Singapore is pleased to open the Call for Papers for APSTSN’s Biennial Conference 2013. The Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network is an association of regional scholars for fostering collaboration and encouraging science, technology and society research, teaching, and critical discussion on current STS themes and issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

Knowing, Making, Governing - across Asia and the Pacific, the work of science, technology and society calls attention to the region’s plurality of socio-technical projects and ways of knowing. The conference accepts proposals for all themes pertaining to science, technology and society, including the following:
· Biosciences
· Gender
· Modeling and Numbers-work
· Business, Finance, & Markets
Indigenous Knowledges
· Normativity and Normalization
· Care
· Information & Media
· Publics & Participation
· Citizenship & Activism
· Inter-Species Relations
· Posthumanities
· Disaster
· Government, Policy & Politics
· Risk
· Energy
· Limits of Knowledge
· Theory & Method
· Environment & Ecology
· Medicine
· Food & Agriculture


The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 February 2013. Proposals will be reviewed by the NUS Conference Organizing Committee, with the objective to accept all properly prepared proposals. Please see full conference details, including submission options and registration requirements, on the conference webpage at http://www.apstsn2013.com/

Conference Organizing Committee:
Dr Jerome Whitington
A/P Gregory Clancey
Dr Haidan Chen
Dr Axel Gelfert
Dr Honghong Tinn

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