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March 12, 2013

Asian Approaches to Heritage Conservation

Call for Papers
Asian Approaches to Heritage Conservation
Journal of Environment Design and Planning

Cultural heritage throughout Asia is under threat due to rapid expansion of urban development. Environmental, economic and social factors together have contributed to the degradation of the region’s valuable heritage. Heritage is increasingly being used as a resource in economic-driven industry and considered a commodity to serve modern demand. Conservation of heritage is challenged with a twofold task. On the one hand it is a mean for protecting cultural values, authenticity and integrity. On the otherhand, conservation is seen as a process for managing changes that response to community interests and economic needs.

Nakhara: Journal of Environmental Design and Planning invites papers that critically examine the challengesin striking a balance between the conservation of heritage value and the potential of cultural heritage toserve modern development. Papers are sought which raise issues on Asian concept and practice in builtheritage conservation, the intertwining of tangible and intangible heritage in Asian context, and integrated approach to heritage conservation that recognize the importance of local community in order to safeguard the built-heritage as well as traditional practices and ensure the cultural sustainability.

Manuscript Deadline: April 30, 2013
First enquiry to: jnakhara@chula.ac.th
Web announcement: www.aj.arch.chula.ac.th/en/index.php/CU

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