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April 09, 2013

Being Muslim: How Local Islam Overturns Narratives of Exceptionalism

Call for Proposals
Being Muslim: How Local Islam Overturns Narratives of Exceptionalism

Web announcement: as.vanderbilt.edu/religiousstudies/IslamProject.php

The overwhelming majority of Muslims worldwide live outside the Middle East, especially in Africa and Asia, but the Islam they practice is generally devalued in public discourse in favor of the idealized Arabic-centric standard forms, especially found in Saudi Arabia and Egypt; likewise the majority of Muslims worldwide do not speak Arabic. This project seeks to bring together several generations of scholars from all parts the world to complicate our—and the public’s—understanding of the ways Islam has naturalized itself in communities worldwide, including more recent developments in Europe and America.

To apply, please submit a title and 250-300 word précis to Morgan Cates, Administrative Assistant, Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University, email: morgan.cates@vanderbilt.edu. It would be most helpful if you would include an updated CV or the URL of your personal website where your credentials can be found. Scholars from all ranks, independent and within the academy, are encouraged to apply. Electronic submissions only.

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