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April 02, 2013

Living Alone: Single-Person Households in Asia

Living Alone: Single-Person Households in Asia
Date: 21-22 NOVEMBER 2013
Venue: Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Website: http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/events_categorydetails.asp?categoryid=6&eventid=1420

The primary objective of this conference is to advance theoretical and empirical knowledge on the formation of single-person households in Asia and their implications for individual well-being and intergenerational relations. We invite submission of papers to examine the trends and determinants of single-person households in Asian countries. Longitudinal and comparative works are particularly welcome.

Family structure in Asia has undergone significant changes in the past several decades. A fast-growing trend that has raised concerns by scholars and policy makers is an increase in single-person households. By 2020, it is estimated that four out of the top ten countries with highest number of single-person households in the world will be in Asia. The increase raises questions regarding how family functions, and indeed regarding the definition of family system itself. Statistics show a high level of heterogeneity among groups who live alone, some by choice, others out of needs. The increasing number of single-person households for both young adults and elderly warrants special attentions as they are the two groups with the highest propensity to live in a single-person household. This group of population may be at higher risk of financial stress or social isolation. In particular, studies on solo-living of young adults are rare in the Asian context. In the face of vastly different paces of change, structurally and culturally, in the region, research that examines the trends of single-person households in different Asian societies would help us to understand the impacts of social changes on families in Asia.

Participants are invited to address the following themes in the conference. Cross-national and cross-temporal studies and empirical studies with theoretical implications are especially welcome:
• Overall trends: Single-person households in Asian countries
• Single-person households and living alone: Demographic and socioeconomic profile
• Micro- and macro-determinants living alone arrangement - Urbanization, migration, cultural values, demographic structure, and policy and institutional context:
- for the young and mature adults
- for the elderly
• Gender, social class and ethnic differentials: Cultural and structural explanations of the gender ,class and ethnic differences in forming single-person households in Asia
• Individual outcomes: Well-being, and economic outcomes
• Social support and isolation: Issues of public assistance, family and community network, geographical proximity of the family
• Intergenerational relationship: Elderly care, childcare, intergenerational transfer
• Policy considerations: Implications on the elderly and child care, welfare, urban planning and migration policy
• Conceptual and methodological challenges – Data source, measurement and definition


We invite those interested in participating in the conference to submit original paper proposals. We expect to publish selected papers from those accepted for presentation in a monograph/special journal issue. Paper proposals should include a title, an abstract of 300 words, a short biography of 150 words, and should be submitted on the attached form and sent to Ms Valerie Yeo at valerie.yeo@nus.edu.sg by 20 May 2013. Click here for the Paper Proposal Submission Form. Successful applicants will be notified by 14 June 2013.

Based on the quality of proposals and the availability of funds, partial or full funding will be granted to successful applicants. Participants are therefore encouraged to seek funding for travel from their home institutions. Full funding will cover air travel to Singapore by the most economical means, plus board and lodging for the duration of the conference.



Prof Wei-Jun Jean YEUNG
Asia Research Institute, and Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Email: ariywj@nus.edu.sg

Dr Adam Ka-Lok CHEUNG
Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Email: arickl@nus.edu.sg

Valerie YEO (Ms) :: Management Assistant Officer (Events), Asia Research Institute :: National University of Singapore :: 469A Tower Block, #10-01, Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259770 :: 65-6516 5279 (DID) :: 65-6779 1428 (Fax) :: valerie.yeo@nus.edu.sg (E) :: www.ari.nus.edu.sg (W) :: Company Registration No: 200604346E

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