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May 24, 2013

Buddhist Meditation: Tradition and Transformation

*Buddhist Meditation: Tradition and Transformation*

2013 Buddhist Studies Graduate Conference
at the University of Virginia
September 13-15, 2013

The Buddhist Studies Group at the University of Virginia is pleased to
announce an interdisciplinary graduate student conference to be hosted onthe UVA Grounds in Charlottesville, VA on September 13-15, 2013 on the theme of "Buddhist Meditation: Tradition and Transformation." The
conference will include panels and paper presentations by graduate students from across North America and lectures by a number of the world?s foremost Buddhist Studies scholars (lineup TBA). This conference is designed to be a collaborative forum in which young scholars can test new approaches, bridge disciplines in creative ways, and expand the scope of sources that we bring to our studies.

*Call for Paper Proposals*

Along the lines of this year?s theme, we are looking for paper proposals from students currently enrolled in M.A. or Ph.D. programs - not only in Buddhist Studies, but also in other disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, and history - that speak directly to the study of Buddhist meditation. The papers selected for presentation will be organized into panels, each chaired by a faculty respondent. Presentations will not exceed twenty minutes.

We strongly encourage proposals that stretch received boundaries and
challenge the way we think about and study Buddhist Meditation in its many forms and contexts. We encourage papers that approach Buddhist meditation from a diverse range of methodological approaches - literary, historic, ethnographic, sociological, political, and educational/pedagogical, to name a few.

We are particularly interested in the following topics:
- Problems in the *historical study* of Buddhist meditation.
- Innovative *Interdisciplinary* investigations into contemplative
practice in Buddhist societies (e.g.: historically-informed ethnography)
- How *the body* has been conceptualized and represented within specific Buddhist contemplative systems
- The role of *creativity and innovation* vis-à-vis lineage and
- *Therapeutic* and instrumental* (vs. soteriological) applications of Buddhist meditation *in Buddhist societies*.
- Institutional and pedagogical frameworks.
- The role of *the literary* in Buddhist meditation traditions (e.g.: biographical literature, meditation manuals, philosophical literature, etc)

Paper Proposal Submission Guidelines

Please submit an abstract of your paper of *not more than 500 words*,
along with your name, university and department affiliation, and a brief bio, to gradbuddhismconf2013@gmail.com by *June 15, 2013.* You will be notified by the end of June of the status of your proposal, after which we will publish a detailed schedule of the conference.

University of Virginia may potentially be able to provide funding to cover the costs of lodging and meals for students presenting papers. Travel funds, however, should be obtained from the students' home institutions or other sources. We also warmly welcome and encourage non-presenting students to attend at their own cost. Regrettably, we cannot provide letters of invitation to international observers for visa purposes because we are not equipped to take legal responsibility for international observers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the
conference organizers:
Eric Fry-Miller: ef6ab@virginia.edu
Christopher Hiebert: ch7wt@virginia.edu
Naomi Worth: nw3ca@virginia.edu

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