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June 21, 2013

Mobilities of Design: Transnational Transfers in Asian Architecture and Urban Planning, 1960-Present

Mobilities of Design:
Transnational Transfers in Asian Architecture and Urban Planning, 1960-Present

Dates: 20-22 November 2013
Venue: ETH Zurich Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore
Organizers: Max Hirsh (ETH Zurich) and Lukasz Stanek (Manchester Architecture Research Center, University of Manchester)

Deadline: 15 June 2013

This conference investigates the transnational transfer of architectural expertise to, from, and within Asia from 1960 to the present--as well as its consequences for contemporary conditions of urbanization in the region today. The goal of the event is to uncover the multidirectional exchanges in architecture, planning, engineering, design pedagogy, and building technology that have taken place in Asia over the past 50 years; and to show how this acquired knowledge has been developed, appropriated, mixed and modified in professional practice. Through academic research papers and the insights of practitioners, conference participants will examine a range of transnational interactions: including, but not restricted to, the training of South and Southeast Asian architects under Australia's Colombo Plan; Eastern European conservation and urban development schemes in Laos, Vietnam, and India; the dissemination of European design curricula in Mainland China; and the more recent circulation of Singaporean expertise across the region.

In so doing, the conference will focus on the agents, networks, and objects of knowledge transfer:

agents include governments, private and state enterprises, local and international institutions, and individual go-betweens crossing boundaries and cultures;
networks consist of economic ties and geopolitical dependences, but also development aid and traditional cultural exchanges;
objects include specific designs as well as new types of architectural commissions, such as type-designs, prefabricated systems, regulatory proposals, and teaching methods.

Ultimately, the conference has two goals. First, by investigating the interaction between local clients and foreign architects, planners, and engineers, the event will offer a heterogeneous genealogy of the current material, economic, and institutional conditions of urbanization in the contemporary Asian city. Second, through the development of an innovative historical framework, the conference aims to contextualize examples of cross-cultural knowledge transfer that are taking place in Asian cities such as Singapore today.

Paper proposals should include a title, an abstract of 300-500 words and a 1-2 page CV. Please send all materials to Max Hirsh (hirsh@arch.ethz.ch) and Lukasz Stanek (lukasz.stanek@manchester.ac.uk) no later than 15 June 2013.

Partial or full reimbursement of travel costs may be made to successful applicants depending on the overall availability of funding. However, we encourage applicants to seek travel funding from their home institutions.

For any inquiries, please contact Max Hirsh and Lukasz Stanek at the email addresses above.

Dr. Max Hirsh
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
Future Cities Laboratory Singapore
Email: hirsh@arch.ethz.ch
Visit the website at http://www.south-of-eastwest.net/index.php?id=12

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