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August 13, 2013

China and Southeast Asia: Governance in changing social and cultural contexts

Call for papers: "China and Southeast Asia: Governance in changing social and cultural contexts" panel at SEA Studies Symposium, Oxford, 22-23 March 2014.

I am seeking papers for a panel on the topic of "China and Southeast Asia: Governance in changing social and cultural contexts" for the Southeast Asian Studies Symposium, Oxford, 22-23 March 2013.

Panel Abstract:

The relationship between the Southeast Asian and Chinese governments has intensified, both multilaterally and bilaterally. While the political developments have been subject to numerous analyses, less attention has been paid to how societies and cultures in Southeast Asia have adapted to this new political and economic context. The numerous interconnections some traditional, some new between the two regions are ancient but constantly evolving. This panel addresses the changing society and cultural in Southeast Asia in response to China's rise. In particular, it focuses on how identity, culture, and society in Southeast Asia have shifted, and the impact this has had on government policy, social norms, and historical understanding of Southeast Asias past. Examples of this might include, but are not limited to, papers which study the changing meaning of identity in Southeast Asia; the evolution of traditional forms of organisation; the alteration of societal norms and expectations; and the rise of new aspirational or negative forms of culture; and how governments have responded (or been forced to respond) to these changes. In particular, papers which focus on the peoples of Southeast Asia who are not of Chinese descent are especially welcomed.

If interested, please send an abstract of up to 250 words to PJ Thum, aritpt@nus.edu.sg, by 10 September 2013. Thank you.

Pingtjin Thum
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
Email: aritpt@nus.edu.sg

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