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August 06, 2013

Thailand Humanities Research Forum: Fear, Hope, Imagination, and Change

Call for Papers
Thailand Humanities Research Forum: Fear, Hope, Imagination, and Change

Walailak University's School of Liberal Arts, in association with the Thailand Research Fund, has issued a Call for Papers for the 7th Thailand Humanities Research Forum, which includes papers and exhibitions in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The conference will be held in February 2014, and the deadline for paper submissions is October 15, 2013. For English-language inquiries, contact zehner1234@aol.com. Thai-language inquiries may be made directly to Walailak University's School of Liberal Arts at +66-(0)75-67-2002 or 2003.

The theme for the 7th Humanities Forum is "Fear, Hope, Imagination, and Change." The theme is inspired by the fact that life in contemporary society is shaped by conditions of globalization, which are connecting humans worldwide through the advancement of information technology and through the momentum of global economic, cultural, and political developments. These factors of going change make it difficult for humans to define themselves or to answer the question of "Who Am I." In consequence, both in Thai society and in the rest of the world people are facing a crisis of values for interpersonal relationships, and relationships between individual and society, and in relationships between people and their environments.

In addition to exploring these themes, the conference organizers wish to explore how people have been using their "imaginations," and collective wisdom, to address the challenges of contemporary life, and also to understand each other across cultural and national boundaries. On certain dimensions, the imagination could be said to be essential for humans' social co-existence. That is to say, the imagination helps humans to better understand other people and society, in their "otherness." It is therefore an important tool for helping us to understand and accept socio-cultural diversity.

In choosing the theme, of "Fear, Hope, Imagination, and Change," the organizers hope to demonstrate the humanities' continuing usefulness in addressing the social challenges attending this age of ongoing changes, as well as their usefulness in showing how society can find a way forward through the power of the imagination in a way that draws on collective knowledge to provide greater insight into life, society and the world, in ways that may lead eventually to constructive forms of change.

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