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October 16, 2013

Wonder in Asian Art

*'Wonder' in Asian Art*

This panel will, over a vast chronological spectrum, investigate the idea wonder and the wondrous in Asian art and visual culture, particularly with respect to artistic representations of the fantastical, mythical and the imagined.

For ages, wonder has always been understood as a place outside of familiar cultural frameworks, and linked to the fascination for change and interest in the mystical, the strange and the curious. It is often placed at the threshold between the aesthetic and scientific realms, and seen as an outcome of the interaction between fact and fiction. Wonder, especially in its physical forms, exposes our relationship to the alien, the transcendental and the perplexing, in an attempt to render the strange conceivable.

The concepts of awe and wonder occupy an important place in the general history of ideas, however they are less discussed in relation to the visual arts in Asia (i.e. East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia). This panel invites papers that explore how the wondrous takes on different definitions within realms of knowledge and systems of inquiry (including philosophy,
religion, literature, mathematics, sciences and natural history) in Asian art and cultural understanding, as well as its resulting effect on creative and artistic processes and interpretation.

Possible topics could include:

- The visual manifestations of wondrous objects and beings from
literature, legends, and religion.
- Wunderkammers or "wonder rooms" and/or cabinets of curiosities
- Translation, appropriation and interpretation: The movement of wonder
across times and cultures; How the idea of 'wonder' or wondrous
objects/creatures changed in later manifestations; How different cultures
viewed, appropriated and reinterpreted wonder or wondrous objects from
other nations
- Encyclopedic compendiums and historical modes of scientific inquiry on
the natural world
- Wonder as a strategy for breaching the dichotomy of science and art
- Wonder and its role in historical and contemporary creative and
artistic practice

If you are interested in presenting as part of this panel, please contact Rachel Parikh (rp401@cam.ac.uk) and Jaqueline Chao (jchao@saic.edu) as soon as possible. Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words with a CV. Please also include your institute affiliation and rank.
Proposed abstracts will need to be finalized for the panel by Wednesday 23rd October.*

More information about the conference and abstract submission can be found at:
Panel Title: 'Wonder' in Asian Art

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Rachel Parikh
Leslie Wilson Scholar
PhD Candidate, Department of History of Art
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, United Kingdom

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