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September 25, 2009

Update to Drupal 6.14

My Drupal version is out of date so I am going to track how to update it.

*Note* These instructions are not complete, see usr/share/drupal6/UPGRADE.txt for complete instructions!!

These websites also proved useful:
http://learnbythedrop.com/drop/70 - Video tutorial
http://www.stevedivine.com/node/3 - good command line help
The UPGRADE.txt file should be within the tar file you download later.

How do I know it is out of date? Because when I login and click "Administer" I see the following:

leaf graphic

- Click "Available Updates" and Download

leaf graphic

This gives me "drupal-6.14.tar.gz"

And, my Drupal files (the ones I am going to replace with the v6.14 files) are located here:

So I navigated to usr/share:
$ cd usr/share

and created a copy of drupal6:

$ sudo cp -r drupal6/ drupal6-backup/

Next, I unpack the Drupal 6.14 to the usr/share directory:

$ sudo tar xvzf /home/data/Desktop/drupal-6.14.tar.gz

This creates a Drupal 6.14 directory in usr/share. Now delete the drupal6/ folder (don't worry, you have a backup.)

$ sudo rm -R drupal6/

Replace the old drupal6 directory with the updated files:
$ sudo mv drupal-6.14/ drupal6/

NOTE: Somewhere in here one of the tutorials uses chmod to change permissions. I followed this step but do not know how important it was. I also do not know the full consequences of said change. Should probably inquire about that when I move outside of a development environment!

Now. If you refresh the drupal homepage it should fail to load. This is because the symbolic links to the /sites and /profiles folders has been lost. Next, recreate the links but first delete the 'hard' directory:

$ sudo rm -rf drupal6/sites/
$ sudo ln -s /etc/drupal/6/sites/ drupal6/

$ sudo rm -rf drupal6/profiles/
$ sudo ln -s /etc/drupal/6/profiles/ drupal6/

Drupal should now work. BTW, this took me forever to figure out. I cannot wait until there is a database to backup as well...

Now go back to Drupal : http://localhost/drupal6/update.php
and select the defaults to run the update script.

leaf graphic

leaf graphic

Finally, make sure your website is back online:
Administer > Site maintenance > Online

Clean up:

$ sudo rm /home/data/Desktop/drupal-6.14.tar.gz
$ sudo rm -rf drupal6-backup/

Go to Administer>Reports>Status report to verify you are running the latest version.

leaf graphic

Please note that these instructions are not comprehensive because I did not back up the MySQL databases. I skipped this step because I haven't built a website and felt I had very little to lose.

Other good tidbits:

This terminal command gives you a program manager GUI that can be useful for determining where your program files are located. It's a bit confusing to me how distributed they are in Linux.

$ sudo synaptic

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