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October 01, 2009

Change Site Name and Slogan in Drupal 6

Here is how you change the Site Name (at least one way) and a second approach to changing the Slogan. Both result in text of your choice being placed in the header area.

It appears there are multiple ways to change the site name area but I'm following this forum.

This is how things look like with the default settings:

leaf graphic

(right-click > View Image for full size)

To change "localhost" to something else I open settings.php.

$ sudo gedit /usr/share/drupal6/sites/default/settings.php &

and go to the bottom:

#$conf = array(
# 'site_name' => 'Your Site Name',
# 'theme_default' => 'minnelli',
# 'anonymous' => 'Visitor',

And change it to the following:

$conf = array(
'site_name' => 'The University of Michigan Biological Station',
# 'theme_default' => 'minnelli',
# 'anonymous' => 'Visitor',

leaf graphic

So, I just found an easier way to do pretty much the same thing. The impetus for this portion comes from this site. It also involves only the web administer interface (instead of the settings.php file) so may be superior in more than one way.

Go to Administer > Site configuration > Site information and set the Slogan to "The University of Michigan Biological Station". The Slogan appears to the right of the Site Name, meaning you can turn off the Site Name and turn on the Slogan and you should get the same outcome as described above.

Also note that their are Global and Theme-specific settings under Administer > Site Building > Themes. The Theme configuration appears to trump the Global.

Posted by kkwaiser at October 1, 2009 04:15 PM


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