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October 22, 2009

Create an SFTP site through UM LSAIT

How to create an SFTP Site for sharing data among UM and Non-UM researchers.
Drafted by K. Kwaiser

1) LSAIT can set up some filespace on LSA's Windows servers (LSA-F4\Group) - the 'Group' share is typically for collaboration. You can SFTP to the DFS servers and then access your data there.

The rest of this document documents the implementation of this option!

Cost: Free for “small” amounts of storage space

One thing to note is that on the LSA-Fileservers there is no videostream (open AVI) but it doesn't sound like you need that.

The important part of this is that All users must have UM-accounts and we can create them using the Mcommunity webapp. Hopefully reading the link will help.

Gloria Love (lsa-accounts@umich.edu) is the contact person for this option.

2) You can purchase Windows space - this if you were expecting to increase the space you needed substantially and you wanted a bit more exclusive access. I believe access would then be the same (SFTP).

Cost: ~ $2.23/GB/Year, minimum of 250 GB, includes DR backups. Accessible via CIFS, WebDAV & SFTP

See attached documents for more:

Timothy Rolston (twrolsto@umich.edu) was the contact for this information.

3) This can be done with C-Tools as well. Not sure about SFTP there but certainly could get HTTPS (SSL protected HTTP) access.

4) The LSA-RSG group could even setup a virtual server for you as I understand it from Karen Pachla - similar to the VaaS group you spoke to (ITS folks, yes?).


1)How to create a SFTP site through LSA IT
a.Contact lsa-accounts@umich.edu to request an SFTP site on the LSA-F4 Group drive
i.Include as estimate of how much file space you will need
ii.The default drive space is 10 Gb, additional space available in 10 Gb increments
b.To set up access for researchers sent lsa-accounts@umich.edu a list of UM uniqnames that will need access
i.You can specify (sub)-directory permissions types when you send in the uniqnames
2)If you need to create uniqnames, send the following information to lsa-accounts@umich.edu:

You need the following information in to create a UM uniqname:

Suggested uniqname (optional)
Full name
Valid address
Valid non-UM email address (IMPORTANT!!)
Contact telephone number
Date of Birth

a.This site lists details about uniqnames (e.g. expiration dates, changing passwords, etc.):

MCommunity Sponsor System Overview (R1458) http://www.itcs.umich.edu/itcsdocs/r1458/

3)Connecting to the SFTP site
a.See the attached documents for instructions:

- ConnectInstructionsForAccessToUMBSGroupSharedSpace.docx
- UMBS_SFTP_Manual.doc
- http://lw.lsa.umich.edu/lsait/admin/mac/ConnectingToWindows.pdf

b.If a researcher is not able to login:
i.Make sure the server name is spelled correctly
ii.Synchronize UMICH.EDU Kerberos password and Windows Active Directory password. The Kerberos password is the one you use to access mail.umich.edu or Wolverine Access:

On the LSA Windows Workstations for logon and accessing file space to work correctly the user must synchronize their Kerberos and Windows passwords. To synchronize these passwords please open the following website address https://accounts.www.umich.edu/kpasswd-bin/kpasswd.cgi

c.To access Frequently Asked Questions for getting started with using LSA Windows Services:

Note, more documentation is available for this process:

- Create_SFTP_through_LSAIT.doc
Instructions on how to create an SFTP site

These docs are referenced within the former:
- Recharge_FileService_User_Agreement.doc
- Recharge_FileService.doc
- UMBS_SFTP_Manual.doc
- ConnectInstructionsForAccessToUMBSGroupSharedSpace.docx

During the process, I became certified to create unique names. The following is an email from Gloria on how to become certified to create uniqnames.

- Become_certified_to_create_UM_Uniqnames.doc

This pdf accompanies the preceding doc:
- Mcommunity_Authorization_Form.pdf

Thanks again for your help.


Posted by kkwaiser at October 22, 2009 11:02 AM


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