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November 25, 2009

Creating a final version of the UMBS bibliography

Here's a laundry list of things that need to happen in order to get the UMBS bibliography into a final version that will be meticulously maintained and updated:

- Meet with Melissa Gomis/ Laurie Sutch of the UM library to address the following:

- What are the pro's and con's of different software options? EndNote,
Refworks, a relational database built from scratch.

- How to guard against loss of information when transferring between
tagging formats (e.g., EndNote to RIS)?

- Other best practices to implement to protect the integrity of the
bibliography as it grows?

Other points to address:
- Need to develop a final version of Gazetteer where the exact spelling is noted.
- Then adjust the Gaz locations in the Bibliography to match exactly.
- Gaz locations in Bibliography will be moved to Research notes (Field %< in Endnote, RN in RIS)

- Remove reference to any Procite Fields
- What is "ProCite Field [11]"? Usually has an "e" or "f" and is called "Title" inside ProCite software.

- Add Accession Numbers with pattern umbs.x (where 'x' is a unique, incremented number: umbs.1, umbs.2, umbs.3)

- Remove Short Title (%! in EndNote, ST in RIS) if it exactly matches Title (%T/TI)
- Remove Date (%8/DA) if it exactly matches Year (%D/PY)
- Add any articles Bob has added to his version of the Bibliography
- Place a copy of the Final version of the Bibliography onto DeepBlue
- Maintain ONE working copy, store it on the department space so it is accessible to Bob and Kyle

- Go to UMBS to meet with Bob and hammer out the approximately 50 entrees that are still unresolved. Also add any entrees that Bob has added to his version since August.

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